App to clean up your iPhone

App to clean up your iPhone

You’re iPhone is probably getting older and starts showing the firsts ravages of time and signs of weakness. You wanted to format it or, even worst, change it for a new one, but then you came to the conclusion that maybe you could solve the biggest part of your problems by cleaning it up.

Well, if it is so, I have to admit the idea is not wrong at all. By cleaning up the memory of your device from all the extra apps, you’ll surely be able to see the first results. However, I’d like to remember you that iOS is a closed operating system and therefore you won’t need to clean up the cache, the RAM memory or the temporary files steadily. The operating system of Apple smartphones is already optimized for the background management of all the unnecessary processes, and accordingly, you can’t expect any miracle by using apps designed for the cleaning up of smartphones.

Exactly for this reason, in this tutorial I’ll try to explain you how to clean up your iPhone with the default tools made available from Apple. I’ll also talk in broad terms about valid apps to use in order to straighten up a little your iPhone. It’s all clear? Yes? Very good! Then let’s skip these brief comments and let’s start immediately. As usual, I’d like to wish you a good reading before to start.

App to clean up your iPhone – Manual/automatic uninstalling of apps

App to clean up your iPhone

The first advice I’d like to give to you to free the memory of your iOS device is to uninstall manually the apps you don’t use. Keeping those unnecessary apps installed is just a way to steal free space in the memory of your device.

You can uninstall the iOS apps in different ways, but the easiest is definitely holding down on one of them from the home screen of your device. Once this will start to shake, click on the “X” symbol that appears and confirm the uninstalling of the app by clicking of “Delete”.

I also want to explain to you the way to discover which apps are occupying more space on the storage memory of you device, so that you might proceed to a targeted uninstalling.

App to clean up your iPhone

From the main screen of your iPhone click on “Settings” (gear icon), then on “General” and next to “iPhone Storage”. The procedure I just explained refers to devices with the iOS 11 operating system version; if you have a prior iOS version on your device, you have to click on Settings>General>Storage to have access to the specified section. Click on “iCloud” and next on “Manage storage” next to the heading “Storage”.

In this way you’ll see a graphic that analyzes the storage memory of your device and shows you the apps that are occupying more space. Scroll down this screen to see a complete list of apps and the date referred to the last time you used the app.

Once detected the app to remove, click on it and then on “Delete app”. Bear in mind that by doing this procedure you will completely remove from your device’s memory all data related to the app. If you only need to temporarily uninstall the app while keeping all data in memory, click on “Uninstall app”. This menu heading is only found on Apple devices with iOS 11.

Alternatively (but only for devices with iOS 11) you can activate an automatic cleaning up modus for the apps you do not use. This tool will remove just the less used apps, while keeping all data with a view to a future reinstalling.

The function I just exposed is to be found in the same screen (accessible from Settings>General>iPhone Storage); if you want to enable it, just click on “Offload Unused Apps”.

I also recommend to click on “Review Large Attachments” to have a further analysis tool available to value which photos, videos or attachments occupy more space on your device.

This feature for the automatic removal of unused apps can also be activated by clicking on Settings>iTunes and App Stores. You’ll just need to move the button from OFF to ON next to “Offload Unused Apps”.

App to clean up your iPhone

If you wish to install an app that allows you to clean up your iPhone, you need to know that by simply typing terms as “cleaner” or “iPhone cleaning up” on the App Store search engine, you’ll find a large amount of apps perfect for your purpose of cleaning up and speeding up your iPhone.

Actually, as mentioned before, there are really a few apps able to do this with excellent results; most of them do nothing but temporarily free cache and RAM. As explained in the intro of this tutorial, iOS is a closed operating system and, in contrast to Android, apps that do eventually clean up RAM or cache memories are not efficient.

To clean up your iPhone I suggest you some apps that help you with the removal of double photos or videos, accidentally taken screenshots and double contacts from your smartphone.

App to clean up your iPhone – Power Clean

App to clean up your iPhone

Power Clean is one of the apps I want to recommend to use to free your internal device storage memory. I believe this tool is useful and efficient just for its memory analysis system.

You can download this app for free from the App Store and, once installed in your device’s memory, you’ll have to click on the “Clean” button. The next analysis screen will allow you to free your device storage memory by deleting cache files and by cleaning up the RAM memory. After scanning, click on “Clean” to run it. As explained, however, this function is not really efficient.

The best function of this app and also the one I recommend you to use is that related to the deletion of large files. By clicking on it, your multimedia library will be scanned and you shall operate separately to delete videos, photos and music.

Other features of this app are the the “memory boost” and “Clean junk” (this very last is useful to temporarily delete the apps cache).

This app is available for free for iOS and includes banner ads that can be removed one purchased the Pro version of the app (Price: €1,09).

App to clean up your iPhone – Clean Doctor

App to clean up your iPhone

If you want to proper clean up the memory of your device and you’d like to have an app that helps you in the selection of all double photos and the accidentally taken screenshots, I suggest you to try the app “Clean Doctor”.

This very app, that can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store, shows up a very simple user interface, designed to enable its use with a few clicks.

All the needed tools for the cleaning up of your iPhone are on the main screen, indeed. The first tool I recommend you to activate requires you to click on “Photo Cleaner”; the app will start scanning your multimedia library. You will then see the complete list of duplicate photos and also identify all the accidentally taken screenshots and delete them eventually.

The analysis function of this app allows you even to categorize the edited photos by clicking on “Edited Photos”, HDR photos, Live Photos, Panoramas and all the largest photos.

On the other hand, if you want to explore your videos to delete the large ones, I recommend you to click on “Video Cleaner”, through which you’ll be able to delete duplicate or large videos.

Other useful tools for this app are the analysis of duplicate contacts and the possibility to delete at once eventual Spam notifications in the calendar.

The app is for free but has some invasive banner ads in it. If you want to remove them, you’ll have to purchase the Pro version at €1,09.

App to clean up your iPhone – Other ways to clean up your iPhone

App to clean up your iPhone

Instead of using an app, that also occupies itself space in your device’s memory, take a few minutes of free time and follow my general tips that will help you clean your iPhone.

  • Clean up your multimedia library: no way, the most effective way to delete photos and videos with no mistakes is to act manually and through the iOS Foto app. You can also read my tutorial about how to delete photos from your iPhone.


  • Store unnecessary photos and videos: you can do it by importing them on your PC and/or storing them on cloud storage services, as iCloud and Google Foto. For further infos read my tutorials about how to download photos from iPhone and how to store photos on iCloud.


  • Free space by deleting history data for Safari: you can do this by clicking on Settings> Safari> Delete Web Site and History Data.


  • Free space by deleting Safari reading list: you can do this by clicking on Settings> General> IPhone Storage. Look for the Safari app and click on it. Then click on “Edit” and on “Offline reading list” by clicking on the “-” icon.


  • Free space on iCloud by deleting documents and data for apps you do not use: you can do this by clicking on Settings> Your Name> iCloud> Manage Space. Look for all those apps that you have no longer installed in your device’s memory and delete data by clicking on them and then on “Delete Documents and Data”..

App to clean up your iPhone