FIFA 18 – guide tips and tricks to become unbeatable

FIFA 18 – guide tips and tricks to become unbeatable

From the improvements of FIFA Ultimate Team to the care of tactics: the secrets to get to the end of the new game by EA Sports.

The wait is over: FIFA 18, the football simulation videogame among the best known in the world, has made its official release in all stores. Available for PC and console (Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), among the minimum requirements to play there are an Intel i3 6300T CPU, an AMD Athlon X4 870K chip or equivalent, an NVidia GeForce video card GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon RX 460 or equivalent, at least 8 GB of RAM and 50 GB of free hard disk space. The novelties of this edition, revealed in slow steps by EA Sports, are many: you need to know how to “handle with care” in order to reach the final victory.

The many technical innovations of FIFA 18, which range from the improvement of the game engine to the arrival of new dynamic movies, are flanked by renewed or changed game modes: among these FIFA Ultimate Team 2018, a modality appeared for the first time on the UEFA Champions League 2006/2007, new icons, more realism with the Forstbite game engine and the second season of “Travel” mode, called “is back” with Alex Hunter still protagonist.

FIFA 18 – guide tips and tricks to become unbeatable

The definitive release of the EA Sports videogame has been sieved by the experts of Everyeye, who have compiled a list of tips to better enjoy all the challenges on the calendar during FIFA 18.

FIFA 18: the useful tips to get to victory

One thing is certain: every game of FIFA 18 will have a different interpretation and will impose the adoption of a special tactic to be adopted to face the opponent on duty. Great attention is given to the tactical aspect: among the experts’ suggestions there is a large ball possession, the ability not to be dribblers and the use of the first minutes of the match to study the opponent’s style of play, staying on the defensive. Guides in line with modern football, increasingly attentive to the reading of the game and the ability to adapt to the training that is addressed.

FIFA 18 – guide tips and tricks to become unbeatable

If studying the opponent becomes fundamental, marking it is even more: you can do it with the LT / L2 / Xbox / PlayStation button, which will allow you to maintain your position and gain time. A tactic that is very reminiscent of the “Italian” school: to be changed in a clear way are also the corners. Compared to the past, FIFA 18 allows players more freedom in the patterns related to set pieces. Using the analog stick you can point the area in which to deliver the sphere, with a sloping or taut parabola. It will also be possible to adopt a personalized strategy for the position of individual players, concepts to which coaches such as Jürgen Klopp or Walter Zenga are strongly linked.

FIFA 18 – guide tips and tricks to become unbeatable

The FIFA 18 Ultimate Team deserves a separate chapter. On FIFA 18 every legend will be usable in three different versions, each for a different period of his career. Icons like Ronaldo “Il Fenomeno”, Diego Armando Maradona, Lev Yashin, Thierry Henry and Pelé, the five captains selectable with FUT, must be lined up with the right module: to do so, it will be necessary to evaluate the agreement between the players, able to positively or negatively influence the team’s performance. The maximum score for the agreement is 100, as it matures when each player plays in his / her role and has players belonging to the same country, league or club. The group before the single: Everyeye’s advice is to practice with the FUT Draft mode, introduced with FIFA 16. To take part in a FUT Draft competition it will be necessary to pay a sum of 15,000 credits or 300 FIFA Points or, alternatively, use a token found inside the packages. By carefully selecting the players and progressing through the tournament it will be possible to get better and better rewards, including credits, packages and special items. Training, training and training: in the field as with a console. FIFA 18 is also realistic in this.

UPDATE OCTOBER 31: UPDATE 3 patch is available, which brings the game version to 1.05 on PS4 and Xbox One, that’s what changes!

Make the following changes in the Gameplay:

  • Passes and ground-level filtering are now less effective when played at an angle between 90 and 270 degrees, with 0 degrees indicating the direction the player is facing.
  • The major differences can be seen with angles of between 140 and 220 degrees.
  • The impact varies when the transit angle is between 90 (minor impact) and 139 degrees and between 221 and 270 degrees (minor impact).
  • The steps affected by this change will undergo the following changes.
  • Ball speed reduced
  • Reduced accuracy.
  • Turn off user reactions when controlling only one player, when the goalkeeper has the ball

    Resolved the following problems with Gameplay:

  • Sometimes goalkeepers rejected the ball in their own door
  • The goalkeepers dived too far in advance on the crushed head shots and shooting shots
  • Players sometimes became invisible during the game
  • The goalkeepers, in some situations, were not able to postpone the ball after making a save near the goal line
  • Players automatically passed the ball on a football placed in online challenges after the game was paused
  • A problem with custom commands prevented the operation of the arrow keys to move players when a single player was controlled

Make the following changes in the FIFA Ultimate Team:

  • Added the Goals panel in the pause menu in all FUT online modes
  • Adding Guest mode to Online FUT seasons and online Draft FUT
  • Deactivated the FIFA Trainer within FUT Champions

Fixed the following issues in the FIFA Ultimate Team:

  • Fixed an issue with Pink Creation Challenges that prevented selecting a group of marked challenges
  • Now the ICONS show their current age in the superimposed graphics during the game
  • Your opponent’s crest badge was shown on the game preview screen in seasons mode.
  • Fixed some problems with public banners showing the wrong images
  • Fixed some graphic problems with the Bundesliga presentation package
  • Eliminate situations in which the ball seemed to cross the goal net
  • Fixed an issue with erroneously displayed player animations on the ground
  • Solved the issue of exultation with players who crossed the billboards

Fixed the following problems in online mode:

  • the game was blocked in certain situations during the matchmaking phase of the friendly Pro Club.
  • In some cases players did not receive invitations for a friendly Pro Club

Resolved the following problems in career mode:

  • in some cases the game stopped working during the first game of the season

Make the following changes in audio / graphics / presentation:

  • updated the uniforms and the crest of the national team of Chile to reflect the real ones

Resolved the following problems with audio / graphics / presentation:

  • solved a problem with the volume of the audio during Cristiano Ronaldo’s exultation.
  • solved some problems with public banners showing the wrong images.
  • solve some graphic problems with the Bundesliga presentation package.
  • the wrong crest of your opponent was shown on the game preview screen in online seasons mode.
  • notification for completed goals was not shown correctly for certain daily / weekly goals.
  • aligned the text in the coach league objects.
  • solved a problem with the incorrect animation of the division reached in Squad Battles when they redeemed the prems

FIFA 18 – guide tips and tricks to become unbeatable