How Deezer works

How Deezer works

You have a passion for music and some of your friends have told you about Deezer, a rather famous application that allows you to listen to the music of the most famous singers, all in a completely legal and free. Actually it’s not the first time you hear about this platform and would like to learn more.

So if you’re wondering how Deezer works and how to use it on your device, know that you’ve come to the right tutorial. In the course of this guide I will talk about the main features of this streaming music service, explaining step by step how to use it.

How do you say? The topic is of your utmost interest and can not wait to learn more? Well then you tell me that you’re waiting? Sit down comfortably and take a few minutes of free time to read the directions I will give you. I wish you a good read.


  • How Deezer works – How to download Deezer on Android
  • How Deezer works – How to download Deezer on iOS
  • How Deezer works – How Deezer works on Android and iOS
  • How Deezer works – How Deezer works from Web

How Deezer works – How to download Deezer on Android

How Deezer works

The first thing you need to do, if you want to understand how Deezer works is to download the application on your mobile device.

If you have an Android smartphone and want to know how to download this application, then you must first tap the Google Play Store icon. The application has the symbol of a colored triangle and is the virtual shop through which you download applications and games on smartphones and Android tablets.

Then tap on its icon to start it and from the search engine located at the top, corresponding to the word Search on Google Play, type Deezer Music then press on the Search button from the keyboard of your smartphone (it is the button with the symbol of the magnifying glass ) to display the search results.

The Deezer app will appear as a result of the search and you will be shown its preview card. To download it, at this point you have to press the green Install button and, if required, accept the application download by pressing the Accept button.

Once you have done this, you will only have to wait for the download and installation to be completed automatically. It usually takes a few minutes and, at the end of this automatic procedure, you will see the Open button appear in the Android Play Store.

To be sure of the installation of the app on your device you just have to wait until the Deezer icon (with a black background and the symbol of an equalizer) appears on the main screen of your device.

At the end of the installation you must then start the app by tapping the Open button from the Android Play Store or tap the app icon directly from the main screen of your device.

How Deezer works – How to download Deezer on iOS

How Deezer works

Your trusted smartphone is an iPhone and would you like to download the application to use it? Not a problem, the Deezer application is also available on iPhone; in the following lines I’ll explain how to download and install it.

First, take your iOS smartphone and tap on the App Store icon from the main screen of your device. The iOS App Store, the virtual store through which you download games and applications on iPhone and iPad, has a blue icon with the symbol of a stylized A.

Once you have taped on it, immediately tap the Search button which is the one with the magnifying glass symbol and is located in the lower right corner. In this way you will be able to see the search screen and, in correspondence with the App Store, you will find a text field. Tap on this and type Deezer Music then press on the Search button: it is the one located at the bottom right and is located on the keyboard of your smartphone.

This way you can view the search results and find the application in question. Keep in mind that if you have any doubts, the Deezer Music app is developed by Deezer Sa and features a black icon with the symbol of an equalizer in the background.

Once you have identified the application, you will have to install it; to do so, press the Get button and then the Install button.

If you are asked to confirm your identity, put your finger on the Touch ID of your device, or type the password of your iCloud account, in order to confirm the installation and download of the application.

Once the application has been downloaded, the Open button will appear in the App Store and the app icon has been automatically added to the main screen of your smartphone.

To start the Deezer application you will then have to choose whether to tap the Open button or tap the icon of the app you can see on the home screen of your mobile phone.

How Deezer works – How Deezer works on Android and iOS

How Deezer works

To understand how Deezer works, first start the app by tapping its icon on the main screen or the reference store of your Android or iOS device.

Deezer is an application that allows listening to music in streaming and that requires registration in a completely free.

From the initial screen of the app, press the Register button if you need to create your account for the first time. To register with the app, you can choose whether to press on the Facebook or Google buttons, to register quickly through one of the two social networks.

Alternatively, you can manually fill in the text field dedicated to registration. In the latter case you will have to type in some information necessary for the registration itself including email, password, username and then indicate your age and your gender. Once you have filled in the appropriate text field for registration, press the Register button to accept the conditions of use of the application and then proceed with the creation of your account.

For your convenience, however, I recommend you register with your Facebook account or Google, so as to greatly speed up the process of creating your account.

Upon registration, you will be shown the initial screen related to the features of the free version of this application. Deezer is in fact an application that allows you to listen to streaming music that presents itself by default in its free version with advertising breaks, advertising banners and limitations. However, there is the possibility of subscribing to a Deezer + subscription to get unlimited use of the app and therefore its additional features, such as downloading music for offline listening.

But if you do not want to sign up for a subscription and want to use Deezer for free, click on the button Use Deezer for free with advertising.

Once you are on the main application screen, you can start using it to stream music. The Deezer home screen is marked with the house symbol and shows a list of recommended albums and music tracks divided into different sections: Explore, Recommended playlists, Trendy, Rankings and New releases.

Instead, by tapping on the button with the symbol of the little man you will be able to see your profile screen and rediscover at any time the playlists and albums you have saved in your favorites.

Instead, by tapping the magnifying glass symbol, you can type the name of an artist or song to search within the application. The musical note symbol will allow you to receive updates on the artists you choose to follow.

To start using the app go to the main screen (the one with the symbol of the house) and tap on a music album to view the list of songs contained in it; To listen to the album, tap the Play button in random mode.

In the free version of the app you can in fact only play the songs in an album randomly. You can add an album to your favorites by tapping the button with the symbol of the three dots you can see located at the top right; in the drop-down menu you will see on the screen you can tap on different menu items such as Add to a playlist, Add to my music or Add to the listening queue.

The main feature of Deezer is the Flow mode that offers you listening to songs in random mode, but according to what are your preferences. From the main screen of the app, tap and then on the button with the symbol of the Play to begin to listen to your Flow.

In some cases, the app asks for Flow customization during registration, but if you are not asked to indicate the artists you prefer to listen to, you can change your Flow at any time by tapping the Play symbol button that you will find on the main screen.

By pressing the button in question, you can begin to listen to the Flow proposed by Deezer by default. At any time, however, you can customize your musical composition and indicate your tastes: to tell Deezer that a song is to your liking (you will then be offered similar songs) press the button with the symbol of the heart. If instead you do not like a song, press the X symbol button. The Flow algorithm will update according to your preferences and will try to suggest you listen to songs in line with your choices.

How Deezer works – How Deezer works from Web

How Deezer works

Deezer is also available for use on its official website; so you can listen to streaming music from PC and Mac, using one of the most popular browsers to browse the Internet.

To start using Deezer from the Web and go to its official website via the link provided to you and register by pressing the Registration button you can see at the top right.

If you have previously registered with Deezer through the app for Android or iOS, then connect to the Deezer website by pressing the Facebook or Google button or indicating your email address and password in the respective text fields and then press on Connection button.

As for the functioning of the Web version of Deezer it must be said that its features are virtually identical to the version for Android and iOS smartphones.

In the free version you will be offered the possibility to listen to music in streaming but only in random mode. From the Web version of Deezer you can also listen to your Flow and personalize it as I explained to you before: just press the buttons with the symbol of the heart and the symbol of the X.

How Deezer works