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How Google Play Film works

How Google Play Film works

The cinema is your big passion but the time available to you is limited and you can only see a couple of movies a week. Precisely for this reason, you have excluded the possibility of subscribing to a subscription to services like Netflix or Infinity and you are looking for a solution that allows you to buy single films to watch as soon as you have two hours free. I guessed? Well, if this is the case, you might consider turning to Google Play Movies.

Google Play Film is a service that allows you to access a rich catalog of films to buy or rent for a few euros and to watch via computers, mobile devices and Smart TV. In addition, thanks to the download feature, you can watch purchased movies even without an Internet connection. How do you say? Is this the solution you were looking for? So let me explain it in detail and explain to you more exactly how Google Play Film works.

Take another five minutes of free time, place yourself in front of your computer and read the instructions I am about to give you. I can assure you that everything is much simpler than what you think and I’m sure that in less than a time you’ll be able to complete the purchase of a movie and enjoy it through your TV, your computer or your mobile device. Let it bet?


  • How Google Play Film works – How to access Google Play Movies
  • How Google Play Film works – How to use Google Play Movies from a computer
  • How Google Play Film works -How to use Google Play Movies from smartphones and tablets

How Google Play Film works – How to access Google Play Movies

How Google Play Film works

To access Google Play Movies, you do not need to sign up or sign up for a subscription. All you need to take advantage of the service is a Google account with a valid payment method.

To start wandering the Google Play movies, then connected to the website of the service and click the Login button in the upper right, then select the Google account you want to use, type the password in the Enter password and press Next button to access.

If you do not have a Google Account yet, you can create one for free by pressing the Sign In button and selecting the Use another account first option and then the More options and Create an account option. Now, enter your details in the fields Name, Surname, Username, Password, Date of birth, Sex, Mobile, Current email address, Country, click the Next step button, press the Accept button to accept the terms of service and click on the Continue button to complete the registration. For more detailed information on how to create a Google Account, I leave you to my guide on the subject.

After signing in to Google Play Movies, make sure that your Google Account has a valid payment method associated with it. Pigia then on the Account item at the bottom left: if the payment methods appears and you see your PayPal account or your credit card, it means that your Google account is already enabled to make purchases on Google Play.

Otherwise you will see the item Add payment method with the possibility to connect your credit card or your PayPal account (pressing on the items Add credit or debit card and Add PayPal): then choose the option you prefer, insert the data and the game will be done.

How Google Play Film works

Alternatively, you need to know that you can make purchases on Google Play (including movies) through Google Play gift cards, which you can purchase at one of the many participating stores, such as Safeway, Bestbuy, Riteaid, Target and many others (see the list complete on the Google Play site).

After purchasing the gift card, linked on Google Play with your account, click on the item Use Code, enter the code of the gift card in the appropriate field and presses the button Use code to add the amount of the card to your Google account.

How Google Play Film works – How to use Google Play Movies from a computer

How Google Play Film works

Once you’ve signed in to Google Play Movies with your account, you’re ready to use the service, buy your favorite movies and then download and / or watch them on all your devices. How to do? I’ll explain it to you right away.

On the main screen of Google Play Movies, you can view movies divided by categories, like New releases featured, Best-selling films, Recommended for you and many others. In addition, categories are also available based on the cost of the film to find titles for all budgets: in Movies with discounts up to 60% you can find a list of films offered at favorable prices, while in Movies from 0.99 € you can access a catalog with many films for hire for less than one euro.

Alternatively, you can press Genres to choose a movie by gender by selecting one of the options available in Animation, Action and Adventure, Comedy, Horror and Drama, while under the heading Family you can set options Up to 5 years, 6-8 years , 9-12 years to find a film for children and age groups. Then, through the top menu you can view the list of New releases with the new titles and movies coming soon you can book. If you prefer the classic search by title, type the name of the movie of your interest in the Search field at the top and start the search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

After choosing the film that you prefer, press on its cover image to access the description and press on the item Rent to [price] to rent the title (and watch it within 30 days) or on the option Buy a [price] for buy it and add it to your library.

How Google Play Film works

To view the list of your movies, presses on the My Movies entry on the left and click on the ▶ ︎ button to start playback. The player that opens, presents the commands of a common media player: in addition to the Pause and Play buttons to stop and resume viewing, you can press the Volume button to increase and decrease the sound, on the Subtitle button to activate the subtitles and choose the language and on the Full Screen button to watch the movie in full screen.

In conclusion, you should know that downloading content (and therefore offline viewing) from Google Play Movies on your computer is allowed only on Chromebook devices. In all other cases, an Internet connection is required to watch a film purchased or rented.

How Google Play Film works – How to use Google Play Movies from smartphones and tablets

How Google Play Film works

Google Play Film can also be used by smartphones and tablets through the appropriate application available free for Android and iOS devices, with the ability to watch content even in offline mode.

After downloading the Google Play Movies app to your device, launch it by tapping its icon (a triangle and a red film on a white background) and, on the main screen, you will be shown the collection of the films you purchased with your account, plus a list of movies to buy by categories, such as New releases featured, Best-selling films, Recommended for you, New arrivals for hire and many others.

If you plan to buy or rent a content, you can consider one of the titles available in the categories mentioned above or access the full catalog of Google Play Movies, where you can choose from thousands of movies. Then press the ≡ button and select the item Buy, then you can browse the contents catalog or choose to search for a film by categories by pressing on one of the options available among the most recent, new releases, genres (you can further filter by choosing a genre between Comedy, Animation, Horror, Drama, Family and Action and Adventure), Family and Production Houses.

How Google Play Film works

Instead, if you want to search for a movie by title, presses the magnifying glass icon on the main screen of Google Play Movies, type the title of the film to search in the search field on Google Play and select the content of your interest.

Having identified the film you want to buy, presses on its preview image to access the descriptive card where you can read the plot, reviews, similar films and watch the trailer. In addition, you can tap on the Wish List item (or title list) to add the title to the list of your favorite movies or to buy in the future. To complete the purchase, presses instead on the item Buy from [price], if available choose the video quality you prefer by pressing one of the options between Buy in HD or Buy in SD and complete the purchase by tapping the Continue button.

Alternatively, you can decide to rent the film at a lower cost than the purchase price. Press on Rent at [price], choose the video quality and tap the Continue button to rent the movie. You can start playing the movie within 30 days of the rental, but after starting it you have only 48 hours to complete the viewing.

How Google Play Film works

Once you’ve purchased or rented a movie, it will be available in your library and accessible from any device by logging in to your Google account. To access the list of your content, tap the ≡ button, press on the Collection item and select the Title List tab to view the list of movies added to the wish list, while pressing on the item Film you can access the list of movies purchased and hired.

Then click on the movie you want to watch and tap the ▶ ︎ button to start playback, otherwise press the down arrow icon to download the content and make it visible even when you do not have an Internet connection. To view the list of downloaded movies, press the ≡ button and move the lever next to the item Only downloaded from OFF to ON.

In conclusion, you should know that if you have an iPhone / iPad, the Google Play Film app does not have the purchase and rental feature, but is only useful for viewing the movies in your collection. However, you can make your purchases by connecting to the Google Play site via the browser of your device.

How Google Play Film works

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