How SoundCloud works

How SoundCloud works

You are a lover of music and would like to listen to songs by independent artists that are not the usual famous singers known by all. Is music part of your life and in your spare time you make covers based on the songs you love most? Would you like to let the world know your musical talent but you do not know how to do it? The solution is at your fingertips and is called SoundCloud.

If you’ve searched for information on how SoundCloud works, maybe it’s because some friends have told you about it and would like to learn more. In this case you will be pleased to know that you have just happened on the right tutorial: I can explain in detail the operation of this platform for music streaming.

That said, all you need to follow in detail the instructions in this guide is a few minutes of free time. Sit comfortably, pick up your Android or iOS smartphone and read the explanations that follow. I’m sure you’ll be able to understand how this application works in the blink of an eye and that, at the end of the reading, you’ll be looking forward to sharing what you’ve learned with all your friends. Let it bet? Before starting, I wish you a good read.


  • How SoundCloud works – How to download SoundCloud on Android
  • How SoundCloud works – How to download SoundCloud on iOS
  • How SoundCloud works – How SoundCoud works on Android / iOS
  • How SoundCloud works – How SoundCloud works from Web

How SoundCloud works – How to download SoundCloud on Android

How SoundCloud works

Before talking in detail about how SoundCloud works I have to explain how to download this application on your device. This well-known music streaming service for emerging artists is available as an application for Android smartphones. Then take your device in your hand and follow the instructions I am going to provide you with to find out step by step how to download the application.

From the main screen of your device, tap the Play Store icon, which is the Google virtual store, through which you can download games and applications. The Play Store has an icon with the symbol of a colored triangle and, as soon as you tap on it, you will have to type, through the internal search engine, the name of the application to locate it and so download it.

Then tap the text field located at the top that you can see next to the word Search on Google Play and then type SoundCloud then pressing the Search button (a magnifying glass symbol) from the keyboard of your smartphone.

Now identify this application from the search results. SoundCloud presents an orange icon with a white speech bubble in the middle. As soon as you have found the application in question and you can see the preview card, you can install it by tapping the Install button and then the Accept button.

So you just have to wait for the application to download on your smartphone; at the end of the same with you will see the Open button appear in the Android PlayStore and the icon of the app will be automatically added to the home screen of your device. To start the application you can then tap on its icon.

How SoundCloud works – How to download SoundCloud on iOS

How SoundCloud works

The SoundCloud app is also available on iPhone for free. You can then download it to your iPhone via the iOS App Store.

If you do not know how to download games and apps on your iOS device, please note that you will first have to tap the App Store icon which is blue and has a white stylized A in the center.

Once you’ve tapped the App Store, tap the magnifying glass button you can see next to Search. The button is located in the bottom bar of the App Store.

Tapping on this wording will appear the screen dedicated to the internal search of the App Store and, in the App Store text field, you will have to type the name of the application: your goal is to download it. Then tap the text field at the top and type SoundCloud then press the Search key from your smartphone’s keyboard.

If in doubt, keep in mind that the Sound cloud application has an orange icon with a white cloud in the middle. The application can be downloaded for free and is developed by SoundClound Ltd.

Did you find the application from the App Store search engine? Very well! Then you just have to tap the Get button and then the Install button to install the application in question.

Also consider that you may be asked to confirm the installation of the app through the Touch ID (in this case you will have to place your finger on the sensor of your smartphone) or you may be asked to enter the password of your iCloud account. These are optional checks that you can disable from your device options.

Once the app installation is complete, you will see the Open button appear in the iOS App Store. To start the application you can also tap on its icon which will be added to the home screen of your Apple smartphone.

How SoundCloud works – How SoundCloud works on Android / iOS

How SoundCloud works

Once you have started the application you can start using it to listen to streaming music. SoundCloud is an app different from the others as it allows you to listen to music made by independent artists.

With Sound cloud it is possible to upload your own podcasts or music mixes and make them listen to other users; the goal of this app is to bring out its musical talent. SoundCloud can be used in a completely free way but you can also buy a subscription subscription that allows you to take advantage of additional features.

The first thing you need to do is register as soon as you will be asked; then press the Create an account button and choose whether to register via your Facebook account or via Google by pressing the button Sign in with Facebook or Sign in with Google.

Alternatively, you can register by indicating your email address and password in the text field of email and password and pressing the Next button. At the end of the registration you can use all the main features of SoundCloud and listen to the remixes proposed by other users.

Albums uploaded to SoundCoud can be found on the main screen of the app, which is the symbol of a little house. The tracks and related playlists are also divided into different sections marked by topics that refer to a theme such as Party, Relax, Study or Training.

To listen to a playlist, tap on its name or on its cover image and then press the button with the symbol of the Play; you can also individually start a single song by tapping on it. The tracks you start playing will be visible on the screen with an equalizer symbol. This screen will allow you to manage playback in all respects.

If you have identified a playlist of your particular liking, you can follow the author of the same to receive a notification about new uploads. To do this once you have taped the playlist, tap the three dots button located in the upper right corner and then tap the Login button following the name of the user you want to follow.

This way you can view the SoundCloud artist profile and start following it by tapping the Follow button. All the artists you follow and the playlists for which you have activated the notifications, will appear in your SoundCloud stream: this screen is accessible by tapping on the lightning symbol.

You can also search for songs or artists by tapping the magnifying glass button while tapping the symbol of a little man will display your profile screen.

If instead of listening to music you are interested in publishing music that you have made, then you will need to use the SoundCloud Pulse application available for free for Android and iOS. Through this application you can manage your account and publish the music you have made.

How SoundCloud works – How SoundCloud works from Web

How SoundCloud works

SoundClound is also available through a dedicated website. You can then use it from a Windows or Mac computer via any browser to browse the web and then listen to the music of emerging artists even when you’re at the computer.

To use it, the first thing you need to do is connect to its official website and create an account or access it if previously created. Then open the browser that you usually use to browse the Web, for example Google Chrome or Safari and type, in the address bar then pressing the Enter key from your computer keyboard.

Once you are connected to the official website of this music streaming service, press the Register for free button if you need to create an account for the first time.

Alternatively, if you already have an account and you want to log in, click on the Login button which is located in the upper right corner and login through your Facebook account or through your Google account or indicating your email address and then pressing the Continue button.

How SoundCloud works

The user interface of SoundCloud in its Web version is rather Spartan and consists of two main sections: the Home section that allows you to listen to the songs of the artists you follow, to view the list of classifications to discover new playlists and the section Library that refers to all the playlists, albums, stations and artists you follow.

Through the Sound Cloud website you can upload your own music by pressing the Upload button located in the top bar of the menus.

SoundCloud has a paid version that at a cost of 6 euros per month or 9 euros per month allows you to take advantage of additional features including the ability to eliminate the limitations regarding the uploads of music.

How SoundCloud works