How to advertise on Facebook

​​How to advertise on Facebook

After reading my guide on how many people like on a Facebook page, the number of users who are following your page updates has increased a lot. You have noticed, however, a strange phenomenon: people from posts on your page have not risen at all, indeed … they even seem to have fallen! Most likely, the “guilty” of the situation is not you, but the Facebook algorithm, which in the last few years has focused above all on content posted by individual users instead of those from the pages. The result? To reach a higher number of users, you must sponsor the content by creating paid listings.

Do not you have the petty idea of ​​how to advertise on Facebook? There is no problem: in this article you can find all the information you need to create social networking ads that are most popular in the world whether you want to do it from desktop or mobile. In addition to explaining how to use the feature to highlight content, I will briefly briefly outline the main features of some useful tools to manage Facebook adverts. These are mainly designed for professionals and Web Agencies, that is, those who have ‘the need to carry out some advertising campaigns.

Before we go into the heart of this article, however, I want to make a descriptive statement: you can only sponsor the content on Facebook pages (remember, I’ve already explained how to create a Facebook page in a tutorial that was published some time ago) and not those of personal profiles. That said, we set aside the talk and move on to action: here’s how to create ad listings on Facebook.


  • ​​How to advertise on Facebook – How to sponsor content on Facebook

          ​​How to advertise on Facebook – From PC

​​          How to advertise on Facebook – From mobile

  • ​​How to advertise on Facebook – How to manage your ads on Facebook


  • ​​How to advertise on Facebook – In case of any problems or doubts

​​How to advertise on Facebook – How to sponsor content on Facebook

​​How to advertise on Facebook

Sponsoring content on Facebook is a very simple task to accomplish: just use the “Highlight post” feature that appears on each post posted on a Facebook page. Many times it is the same social network to “take the initiative” and indicate what the content is, which, if sponsored, could reach a wider audience. Of course, the last word is always for the user: you will be deciding what content to sponsor, which budget to use, the target to show such content, and so on. Find everything explained in detail in the next lines.

​​How to advertise on Facebook – From PC

​​How to advertise on Facebook

To sponsor a Facebook post from a PC, linked to the social network home page, and access your account by entering your credentials in the appropriate text fields. To make a login, click the arrow symbol at the top beside the symbol (?) And in the menu that appears, click on the name of your page located under Your Pages.

After you open the page that contains the posts you want to sponsor, scroll it until you find what you really want to advertise and, as soon as you find it, click the blue button to highlight the post.

​​How to advertise on Facebook

In the box that appears on the screen, select the audience you want to reach with the sponsorship by selecting one of the options that you see under Public: if you just want to reach people who already like your page or both your followers and their friends, click  People who like your Page or Voice People who like your Page and their friends. To reach a wider audience, instead, click on the People you choose by tagging and click the Edit item that appears next to change the gender, age, and other useful parameters to narrow or widen the circle of users that will potentially see the ad.

Then complete the transaction by indicating the overall budget of the advertising campaign, its duration, and the currency you intend to finance. If you’d like to preview the appearance of the sponsored post, click the Computer News Section or the Mobile News Section in the box on the right. As soon as you have finished setting the above parameters, click on the Highlight button located at the bottom right.

​​How to advertise on Facebook

Within a few seconds, the Select a Payment Method box should appear: Fill out the form that appears on the screen by adding a valid payment method (Credit or Debt, PayPal, or Current Account), click the Continue button and follow the instructions that appear on screen to complete the procedure. Congratulations, you’ve just managed to sponsor your post on Facebook!

To check the progress of your sponsored posts on Facebook, click on the Insight top item to access the overview of your Facebook page statistics: post interactions, organic and paid coverage, site data for competing companies and anything else. To see the statistics that came from the posts that you sponsored, click the Promotions item in the left menu and click on View Results to see the details.

​​How to advertise on Facebook – From mobile

​​How to advertise on Facebook

Want to sponsor a post on Facebook from mobile? Well, then start the official Facebook app for Android or iOS and, after signing in to your account, click on the symbol (≡) located at the bottom right (on Android the symbol in question is a squashed square) .

On the screen that opens, tap on the Pages tab, and then click on the name of the page that contains the content you want to sponsor. So scroll to your Facebook page, find the post you want to sponsor and sign on the blue button. Highlight the post.

​​How to advertise on Facebook

On the screen that is displayed on the screen, indicate the audience you want to reach by the listing you are posting. Then select the  People who like your Page or People who like your Page and their friends, if you are going to reach users who already follow your page and possibly their friends, or pick up your voice People you choose by tagging if you want to reach a wider audience. If you opt for this last solution, narrow down or broaden the audience you want to reach by pointing to your favorite age range, sex, and more.

Complete the transaction, select the total budget you want to spend, the advertising campaign duration, and the blue button button. Highlight the post. Then add a valid payment method if you have not already done so (New Credit or Debt, New Cash or PayPal) and follow the on-screen instructions to fill in the form you are submitting.

​​How to advertise on Facebook

To see statistics about your ads on your Facebook page, tap the Insight tab at the top to see statistics about your Facebook page, that is, post interaction, coverage, and more. To see the statistics from the sponsored post in this case, please see the Promotions section located on the Promotions tab and analyzing statistics.

​​How to advertise on Facebook – How to Manage Facebook Listings

​​How to advertise on Facebook

As I mentioned to you a few paragraphs ago, Facebook has provided users with some tools that will help you manage your listings optimally. They are designed for large advertisers, so if you’re only sponsoring a post every now and again, you probably will not need it, but always better to know them.

  • Facebook Ads Management – With this tool, you can analyze the results of your advertising campaigns and make changes to your ads for better results. It is essential for people who run many listings, because it allows you to change the settings of all your listings from one place and duplicate them easily and quickly, which saves you a lot of time. If you are interested in using this tool, visit the page explaining how it works in Facebook’s support center.


  • App Facebook Management Manager – This app, available for free on both Android and iOS, allows you to create ads and track existing ones directly from your smartphone or tablet. In addition, you can receive timely notification of performance listings, weekly summaries, and tips on actions to be taken to improve performance.


  • Power Editor – this tool, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding advertisers, allows you to precisely control listings, ad groups, and entire advertising campaigns (if you remember, I’ve already talked about this tool in the tutorial in which I explain how to sponsor Instagram). Power Editor also allows you to monitor performances based on the most important metrics for yourself and use filters to search only the data you need at a given time. To find out more about how to use this useful tool, visit the special page on Facebook’s website.


  • Business Manager – This tool allows you to manage your advertising account optimally. With Business Manager, you can create and manage separate ad accounts, have access to a detailed view of your spend, impression impressions, and more. For more details on how to best use this tool, see the official Facebook documentation.

​​How to advertise on Facebook – In case of problems

​​How to advertise on Facebook

If you are having trouble, do not hesitate to visit the Facebook Support Center for advertisers: there you will find many interesting articles that will help you resolve your doubts and doubts. If you do not find the solution to your problem in the Facebook Support Center for advertisers, try to get help from the support forum or contact Facebook through other available options.

​​How to advertise on Facebook