How to become Youtuber

How to become Youtuber

The world of YouTube is passionate: every day enthusiastically follow your favorite favorites that publish videos on the now famous video sharing platform. There are those who are about to become famous, those who are now a star of the Web and participate in television programs and even those who are less known but still have enough success. You too, like many of your friends and peers, think you have talent and passion to sell: you would love to follow in the footsteps of your favorite Youtubers and finally open your YouTube channel.

How do you become Youtuber?” If this is the question that has been buzzing in your head for days, you will surely be happy to know that in this guide you find the answer to your questions. Everyone can become Youtuber, it’s very easy. Becoming Youtuber means opening a channel within the well-known video sharing website and then transmitting all of its passions in the form of videos. Beware though: if everyone can become Youtuber this does not mean that everyone can become famous on YouTube. Precisely for this reason, in addition to explaining on a practical level how to become Youtuber, in this guide I would also give you some theoretical advice to increase your popularity on the website in question.

All you need, in order to better understand the directions I will give you in this guide, will be a few minutes of free time. Sit comfortably in front of the PC and read the instructions I will give you. You will also need the browser you use to surf the Internet to open your YouTube channel and become a Youtuber. Are you ready to start this new adventure? Yup? Very well! I wish you a good read and I’ll give you my sincerest “good luck” for your future career as Webstar.

How to become Youtuber – Open a Google account

How to become Youtuber

If you want to become Youtuber, the first thing you need to do is create a Google account. The Google account is absolutely essential as it will serve to access all Google services, YouTube between them. Without a Google Account, you will not be able to create your channel on YouTube and become a Youtuber.

Want to know how to open your Google account? No problem, I can help you in no time. All you need to do is follow the directions you will find below. I’ll explain how to open a Google account via browser destkop. However, keep in mind that the procedure can be performed practically in the same way on smartphones, in case you prefer to act as a mobile device.

Also, do not forget that if you have a device with a Google operating system, you should already have a Google account. You will surely have created it during the configuration of your smartphone and to access the Android PlayStore.

Alternatively, you can still follow the procedure that I will show you to eventually create a new Google account exclusively dedicated to your path on YouTube.

Ok, this said, ban the chatter: the first thing to do to open a Google account and open the browser you use to browse the Internet (for example Google Chrome or Safari) and access the main page of the Google search engine.

In the address bar of the browser, type and, once you are connected to the service home page, press the Login button you can find at the top right.

Now, on the page that will open, you will have to click on the item More options you can see below. Then press on the Create an account item from the menu that you can see on the screen. This way you can have the possibility to create your Google account.

You will have to fill in the form that will be proposed with all the indications on the screen. Please enter your name, surname, username and password to use for your Google account. It also indicates date of birth and gender of belonging.

Also consider that the procedure I have indicated is also related to the creation of an e-mail address and therefore a Google account. All Google services are linked: by creating a Gmail account you will have the possibility to have access to all the Big G services. Through this procedure you will also receive an e-mail address consisting of [email protected] In case you want to use this email for YouTube, consider choosing the same username to give to your channel.

Before proceeding to create your account, you will need to indicate a secondary email address and a mobile phone number: this data is optional. If you do not want to indicate, you can also choose not to do so, speeding up the practice of opening your Google / Gmail account.

Then confirm the data requested by pressing on the item Next step, finally accept the privacy and terms of Google service by clicking on the item I accept. Then click on continue to be redirected back to the main Google screen.

Congratulations, now you’ve finally created your Google account and you can access all the services connected to it.

How to become Youtuber – Open a YouTube channel

How to become Youtuber

You are one step away from becoming Yotuber, are not you excited? Now you have to do the procedure for your YouTube account. Do not worry, it’s very simple. I’ll explain below how to do it.

In the browser you use to surf the Internet, type the Internet address of YouTube: and press Enter on your PC keyboard to access the main screen of the platform.

As soon as you see the main screen, press the Login button located at the top right. By signing in with the newly created account, you will be able to use your account to create your channel on YouTube.

Once you are logged in, click on your icon in the upper right corner of your username and press the My Channel item from the drop down menu that will appear.

How to become Youtuber

At this point you can choose whether to use YouTube with a first and last name, filling in the appropriate text fields and pressing the Create channel button. Alternatively, if you want to use a different name, such as a brand name, company name, or a different name of your choice, press the Use a company or other name button.

How to become Youtuber

Then enter the next text field indicating the name of your choice and press the Create button. Congratulations, you have successfully created your YouTube channel. On the YouTube page that will open you can now make all the changes you want, in order to customize your YouTube channel.

What it takes to become Youtuber

Now that you’ve finally created your channel on YouTube, you have to work hard to put your talent into practice and make videos that leave a mark.

For this reason I thought of helping you, giving you some suggestions on what are the tools that a good Youtuber should absolutely have.

How to become Youtuber – Professional video camera

How to become Youtuber

On YouTube you should make videos where you compare in first person. Personally, however, I do not recommend recording videos with the integrated webcam of your PC. If you want to become a Youtuber and be successful you have to make videos in high quality. My advice, in fact, is to invest on the purchase of a video camera that records at least in Full HD (1920 × 1080).

Are you not very knowledgeable about what is the best video camera currently in circulation and would you like some advice? No problem: I suggest you read my guide on which Full HD camera to buy.

If, on the other hand, you think you absolutely need a Webcam, for a more practical speech, you can bet on a high-end model. For more advice on which Webcam to buy, I suggest you read my purchase guide.

How to become Youtuber – Latest generation smartphones

How to become Youtuber

If you think that the camera is not for you, you can think of recording videos to upload to YouTube, directly through your smartphone.

In this case, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to the best smartphones. Recently I also wrote a guide dedicated to the iPhone. In particular, the latest models of the iPhone of the Cupertino house could be for you, given the technological innovations in the camera. To learn more about the new iPhone, read my guide titled “what iphone to choose”.

How to become Youtuber – Assembly program

How to become Youtuber

Once you have recorded your videos you will have to publish them on your YouTube channel. Before doing so, however, I advise you to practice video editing. Your videos will certainly be noticed if made with a particularly captivating installation.

If you have recorded videos on your PC you will need editing software. I told you about the most popular ones in my guide titled Programs to edit videos and programs to edit videos for free (the latter dedicated only to free programs).

In case you need to mount videos from your mobile device, I recommend reading my guide titled App to edit videos. You will find some tips for installing and using useful apps.

How to become Youtuber – Tips to become famous on YouTube

How to become Youtuber

You opened your first YouTube channel, followed my advice on the equipment that a good Youtuber should have and started posting your videos.

Do you think it’s difficult to get noticed and stand out compared to the competition? Unfortunately it is like this: YouTube is a long-established platform and it is not easy to succeed. Do not despair, the last word is not yet spoken.

I recently made a guide in which I indicated several tips that could be really useful to give a boost to your career at Youtuber. I suggest you read it to find out how to have that extra gear that will allow you to become a famous Webstar. Good reading and good luck!

How to become Youtuber