How to buy followers on Instagram

How to buy followers on Instagram

Giving a sneak peek at the Instagram profiles of your friends, you’ve noticed that unfortunately they are much more successful than you on this social network. Doing a search on how to get success on the well-known social network photo, you came across some forums that advised to, so you have not wasted time and you immediately rushed into your account settings in search of the function that allows you to buy follower, but … you did not find it, did you? By force, it does not exist!

Instagram, being a social network, aims to put in contact users who are united by the same interests, by the same passions and, for this reason, does not allow to obtain followers artificially. Despite this, there are some free applications that allow you to buy followers and that, in some way, override the “wall” built by the famous platform owned by Facebook.

Although in the next paragraphs I will illustrate the operation of one of these apps (for mere informational purposes), I advise you not to use this kind of gimmicks: getting “fake” followers is absolutely useless, if not to “inflate” a little your profile without having any return. Rather than adopting “honest” methods to have more followers, try to put into practice the strategies you find listed in this article, in the section on methods to succeed on Instagram without buying followers. By following my “tips” and committing yourself to taking care of your profile day by day, you might be able to have some more followers and maybe, over the years, you could even manage to become a Web Star. So far so clear? Well, then we do not waste any more precious time in chatter and get right into the heart of this tutorial right away.


How to buy followers on Instagram – App to buy followers on Instagram

If you have decided to do “shopping” of followers using some free application created for this purpose, there are first a couple of warnings that you should pay close attention to. Firstly, the applications I am about to show you do not guarantee the certainty that the followers purchased will then effectively remain your “lifelong” followers. The second warning I want to bring to your attention concerns the fact that the app in question, very often, allow you to have followers only if the user who uses them becomes in turn a follower of someone else.

At this point, you’re wondering how to buy followers on Instagram through this kind of app. I’ll explain it to you right away. Some solutions of this kind allow you to buy real packages of followers through virtual credits obtainable by becoming a follower of other users or, alternatively, by putting like some content proposed directly from the app. Others, however, allow you to buy followers paying in “real” money (and I, even more vehemently, do not recommend turning to similar solutions: you would risk throwing your savings to the wind!).

That said, if you are still determined to continue, let’s move on to action. Let me show you one of the many apps that allow you to buy followers on Instagram and explain how it works. Then, while you’re here, let us give some suggestions on the apps that let you know what are the most popular hashtags on Instagram: these solutions are decidedly more honest and, in my humble opinion, even more effective than those to buy followers.

How to buy followers on Instagram – Tips for Get Instagram Likes (Android)

How to buy followers on Instagram

Tips for Get Instagram Likes is one of the applications to buy the most famous followers. Its operation is quite simple: after logging in to your Instagram account, the app will ask you to like some content that is proposed to you inside. By doing so, you can get virtual coins that can be spent in follower.

Would you like to know more? Well: after downloading Tips for Get Instagram Likes on your device, start the app by pressing the Open button or tapping on its icon located in the home screen of your device and press the center of the screen to login through the insertion of your credentials to access Instagram.

As soon as you have logged in to your account, add your likes to the content offered by the app by pressing on the symbol of the heart and, depending on the content you put “like”, you will get virtual coins worth 1 point or 5 points.

When you have obtained at least 100 virtual coins, go to the Followers tab that is located at the bottom right to buy new followers and, in the next screen, presses on one of the packages of followers that you see on the screen (based on your availability of virtual coins) . Within a few hours, your Instagram profile will update by showing you the followers purchased through Tips for Get Instagram Likes.

How to buy followers on Instagram – Other useful apps to increase followers

How to buy followers on Instagram

If you are looking for some app to “buy” followers thanks to the use of the most popular hashtags of the moment, the solutions listed below could be just right for you. Unlike applications that promise to get followers artificially, this kind of solutions can help you to adopt well-defined sharing strategies that, over time, could allow you to reach a larger number of users and to acquire a stable popularity on Instagram (find some other useful advice in this regard in the paragraph where I explain how to succeed on Instagram without buying followers).

  • Top Tags (Android / iOS) – this app, characterized by an interface completely translated into Italian, allows you to search in a very intuitive way the most popular hashtags of the moment (or, alternatively, to search them by topic category) and copy-paste them easily into posts that you plan to publish on Instagram.


  • Likes for Instagram (Android) – this app requires the connection of your Instagram account to it. After doing so, using Likes for Instagram is very simple: just locate the hashtags of your interest (or the trendy ones) that are placed in special boxes, copy them using the appropriate button and paste them on your Instagram posts.


  • HashTags for Instagram (Android) – the interface of this app is really very “minimalist”, and this makes it easier to use it. Also in this case the hashtags are cataloged in specific categories but, compared to previous apps, you can use them both on Instagram and on Facebook and Twitter.

How to buy followers on Instagram – Be successful on Instagram without buying followers

How to buy followers on Instagram

If you are reading this part of the article, I must compliment you: obviously you did not want to compromise by adopting methods that are “honest”, as well as not very effective, to acquire more popularity on the famous social network photo. For this reason, I want to reward you by revealing some advice and, why not, even some “trick”, which will help you on the road that leads to success on this popular social networking platform. Be clear, however, the results will come over time and require, on your part, a lot of effort, effort and patience.

  • Publish regularly – this is the first step to success on Instagram. If you publish a content or two a month, you will hardly be able to succeed on this social network (unless you are a VIP). Set the goal of publishing one or two posts a day: without realizing it in a year you will have published more than 700 contents! Not bad, right?


  • Post interesting posts – try to be a “psychologist” and understand what are the topics that interest your audience. After identifying the topics of interest to them, do not leave anything to chance and publish only photos that are free of obvious defects (remember that you are on Instagram, where the images are the real protagonists of the posts). It also uses filters (without exaggeration) and some photo editing apps to make your shots more appealing to the demanding Instagram community.


  • Get inspired by popular content – if you do not know where to start posting your posts, take a sneak peek at the most popular content posted on Instagram. You can do this either using the internal Instagram search and some third-party tools, such as the Iconosquare service that allows you to see some useful statistics on your profile (Iconosquare is free for 14 days, after which you have to subscribe the subscription starting from 9 , $ 00 per month).


  • Index your content using the correct hashtags – if you want to be more likely to appear in searches made by users, with the goal of increasing your number of followers, use some ad hoc services like Top Hashtag and Websta or use some free apps like Likes for Instagram or HashTags for Instagram which I told you a few lines more about. You’ll see, using the most popular hashtags (and even the most relevant to the content you post), you’ll no doubt be noticed by some new potential followers that may soon begin to follow you!


  • Interact with the community – on social media it is very important to communicate (if you think about it, it is the purpose for which these kinds of platforms were born). For this reason, interact with other users, like the contents that seem most interesting to you, comment on the posts trying to create constructive discussions on a specific topic and be correct, kind and polite in expressing your ideas and opinions. Perhaps you will be noticed by those who have similar ideas to yours or share your same passions and, why not, might even decide to start following you.


  • Connect your Facebook account – this way you can reach a larger number of people and, as a result, you can increase your chances of earning some more followers.


  • Make some Live – thanks to the Live of Instagram, a tool increasingly used by influencers, you can interact with your audience and cultivate a closer relationship with your followers. But I recommend, do not leave anything to chance: do live in a quiet place, not too noisy and, above all, well lit.


  • Be constant – if you follow the suggestions that I have listed so far for a week or even a whole month and then return to your old habits, you will not see any real benefit. The “secret” to succeed on Instagram (and in general on any other social network) is to have consistency and regularity. Therefore, follow the advice I gave you with constancy and scrupulousness, and in doing so, you will increase your chances of success on Instagram.

How to buy followers on Instagram