How to change voice during call? Best Voice Changer Calling Apps 

App to change voice during call

How to change voice during call? Best Voice Changer Calling Apps 

Are you planning a phone prank to a friend and go looking for apps that allow you to disguise the voice on your smartphone? No problem, you’ve come to the right place right now! With today’s guide, in fact, I will point out some apps to change voice during the call to be installed on Android and iOS and I will explain how to make the most of them.

Unfortunately, there are not many solutions that you can take into consideration, but the few available allow you to do exactly what you are looking for, choosing between numerous voice tones and with the possibility of applying audio effects such as sirens, laughter, applause and much more during the calls. You can download all the apps I’m about to suggest for free, but you need to know that you’ll need to make in-app purchases to make calls.

Are you already laughing at the thought of how your friend will react to the joke? So let’s get to work immediately! Take your smartphone, get comfortable and read the next paragraphs carefully, choosing the solution that you consider most appropriate to meet your needs. I can assure you that you will be able to find the right application to make fun of your friends and relatives. Enjoy reading and have fun!

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How to change voice during call? Best Voice Changer Calling Apps  – Call Voice Changer (Android / iOS)
How to change voice during call? Best Voice Changer Calling Apps  – Funcall (Android / iOS)
How to change voice during call? Best Voice Changer Calling Apps  – Funny Call (iOS)
How to change voice during call? Best Voice Changer Calling Apps  – Fun Phone Call (iOS)

Call Voice Changer (Android / iOS) – How to change voice during call? Best Voice Changer Calling Apps

Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer is an excellent application for changing voice during calls available for Android and iOS. Allows you to make calls and change the tone of the voice in real time, with the possibility of adding numerous sound effects. It’s free and offers 2 minutes of test calls, after which it involves in-app purchases ranging from 1.09 euros for 3 minutes to 43.99 euros for 170 minutes of call. How to use? I’ll explain it to you right away!

First, download and start Call Voice Changer on your device and, on the main app screen, presses the Demo button to simulate a call and become familiar with the various effects available. At the end of the operation you can choose how to set the tone of your voice by pressing one of the options available between Low, High, Lowest and Highest, while you can tap on the Normal option to set your real voice.

On Call Voice Changer you can also apply sound effects, flipping through the various categories identified by different icons: a little man to view the “human” sound effects, such as a baby cry, a laugh or the sound of a raspberry; the dog for the list of animal verses (dog, hen, elephant, horse and sheep); the video camera for a series of sounds by famous characters from the film world such as the Minions, Scooby Doo, Darth Vader, Joker or Mickey Mouse; the world for audio recordings in Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Zulu and many others; the cake for happy birthday messages; the cloud for sound effects such as siren, bomb, missile and police or the whistle that collects the sounds of bells, gong, phone and trumpet.

Once you become familiar with the Demo version, you can make your first call by editing the voice. In the main Call Voice Changer screen, dial then the number to call, otherwise tap the book icon to choose a contact from the phone book, then press the green Call button to start the call and select the initial tone of your voice in Low , High, Lowest, Highest and Normal. During the call you can change the tone of the voice and apply the effects seen above, while to close the call you have to press the red End calls button.

To purchase additional minutes, tap on the Buy item at the top right and choose one of the available options. Instead, click on the More option to perform activities and earn free minutes.

Funcall (Android / iOS) – How to change voice during call? Best Voice Changer Calling Apps


Another valid application to make caller by changing the voice is Funcall, which is available for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to transform your own voice by choosing between four different tones and applying numerous effects during the call, as well as the ability to record the entire phone call.

To use the application on your device, download it, install it and start it, then tap the voices option to listen to the tones of available voices choosing between helium, woman, man and scary. Before making a real call, you can press the green Free demo button to simulate a call and discover all the available sound effects (eg Cat, Moo, Dog, Fart, M16, Wolf, Boom, Monkey, Scary zone and Your mother).

At this point you are ready to make your first phone call by changing the voice! On the main Funcall screen, type the phone number to call in the Enter number field at the top, otherwise tap the book icon to access the contacts in your address book; make sure that the Italian flag is selected at the top right and choose the voice with which to start the call. If you want to record the call, move the lever from OFF to ON above the Record call item and press the blue handset button at the bottom to start the call. Press the loudspeaker button to activate the handsfree function and, when you want to interrupt the call, tap the red handset button.

You can download Funcall for free and you have 50 seconds of free calls, after which you can buy minutes in packages ranging from a minimum of 1.09 euros for 3 minutes of call, to a maximum of 21.99 euros for 100 minutes. The call recording functionality is also payable: you can purchase 4 registrations (1.09 euros), 10 registrations (2.29 euros) or 1000 registrations (5.49 euros). You can make in-app purchases by pressing the Buy more time item.

Funny Call (iOS) – How to change voice during call? Best Voice Changer Calling Apps

Funny Call

Funny Call is another app to change the voice that I recommend you try. It is available only for iOS devices and allows you to choose among numerous items, as well as allowing the creation of audio files to be shared on social networks or send via messaging services. You can download it for free, but to use it you need to buy packages of minutes.

To start making calls with the modified voice, start the Funny Call app and press the Start the fun button, then type your phone number in the field under the heading Enter your mobile number and tap the Next button. In a few moments you will receive an SMS containing a code: enter it in the Enter your code field and press the Continue button to confirm your number.

Now, tap the handset icon on the bottom left and, in the Select a friend field, type the phone number you want to call, then in the box Using voice choose the voice to use between Student, Dark Father, Storyteller, Possessed , Agent, Robot, Dj Trip etc. and, to make the call, tap the green Call button.

You must know that Funny Call only gives 24 seconds of call. To add more minutes, tap the top + button and choose one of the paid packages available: 1 minute (1.09 euros), 1.4 minutes (2.29 euros), 7 minutes (5.49 euros) or 32 minutes (€ 21.99). Alternatively, tap the 6 seconds Free button to watch an advertising video and earn seconds for free.

The voice recording function is also available with Funny Call. In the main screen, presses the smile icon, choose one of the available voice tones and tap the red button to start recording, press it again to stop it and save the audio file.

Fun Phone Call (iOS) – How to change voice during call? Best Voice Changer Calling Apps

Fun Phone Call

Fun Phone Call is an app developed by the same software house of Call Voice Changer, thanks to which you can make calls by disguising your voice and playing numerous audio effects, such as a baby cry, the sound of a whistle and much more . It is compatible only with iPhone and allows you to make two minutes of free calls. At the end of the free trial, you can continue to call buying packages of minutes: 2 minutes cost $ 0.99, 15 minutes $ 4.99, 35 minutes $ 9.99 and so on. Alternatively, you can sign up for a $ 19.99 / month subscription to get 100 minutes of calls a month.

To use the app, all you have to do is download it from the App Store, start it and give it permission to access the microphone and phonebook. Then you have to type the number to call in the Phone field, you must specify the number to use as the sender number in the My Phone field (you can leave the field blank to make an anonymous call) and you must use the adjustment bar located below the Select your voice to indicate the type of camouflage you want for your voice (High makes the voice more acute, Low lower). If you want to record the call (with the consent of your interlocutor, I recommend) put the check mark next to Record the call.

Finally, presses the Call button, wait for the call to start and use the buttons located below to play sound effects during your conversation. To end the call, press instead on the End call button that is at the bottom.

Note: I recommend, use the app to disguise the voice only for goliardic purposes. Other uses, not appropriate, could even go against the law. I do not take any responsibility for inappropriate uses that could be made of the apps mentioned in this article.


How to change voice during call? Best Voice Changer Calling Apps