How to clean the screen of the Mac

Watching it working does not seem to be and yet your Mac screen, once turned off, turns out to be really dirty. I’m not saying that it’s nonchalant on your part, of course, but of a destiny to which no computer, not even those with the Apple brand, can escape. Fortunately, however, it is an easily reversible situation and if you are here now and you are reading this article of mine it seems very obvious that you are interested in the subject and would like to understand how to clean the screen of the Mac.

How do you say? The things are exactly this way and you would like to know if I can really give you a hand or not what to do? Of course yes, you do not have to worry about it. If you allow me a few minutes of your precious free time I can in fact illustrate, by thread and by sign, all that is enough to do to get back and pinto like when just bought the screen of your Apple computer, any model it is, fixed or portable. Before you can scare yourself and think about who knows what I want, however, to clarify right away the fact that the operations you need to perform are very simple to perform and within anyone’s reach. The same goes for the equipment to be used to succeed “in the enterprise”, most likely you already have everything you need at hand (and otherwise you can find everything directly at the supermarket in the house).

Then? Do you want to finally get to the heart of the topic and deepen the question? Yes? Very well. So I suggest not to waste any precious time and immediately get to work. So take a few moments for yourself, make yourself comfortable in front of your Mac and focus on reading this my tutorial. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell you very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that even in case of need you will be ready to provide useful tips on what to do to all your friends. Let it bet?


Whether you own a MacBook, an iMac or even a Mac mini or a Mac Pro makes no difference: you can not exempt yourself from providing the necessary material to clean the screen of your computer in the first place. As anticipated at the beginning, this is not an instrumentation difficult to find, far from it.

What you need is in fact a simple microfiber cloth (like the one that is usually used to clean glasses lenses), preferably antistatic and that does not leave lint on surfaces. Most likely you already have one in the house. If this is not the case, you can easily find it at very low prices in any supermarket, in stores that sell products for cleaning the house, in a view or, of course, in electronics and IT stores.

As an alternative to the microfibre cloth, you can use a chamois leather cloth or a deerskin cloth. Both materials are sufficiently soft and will prove useful for the purpose in question.

What you should avoid doing is rely on the use of spray detergents, detergents containing hydrogen peroxide, detergents with acetone or ammonia and solvents and various abrasive substances as their use could damage the screen of your Mac.

However, this does not preclude the fact that you can not turn to the use of simple water (which you can use to moisten the cloth in use) or to that of specific detergents for screens or displays (which, however, should never be sprayed directly on the screen but first on the cloth), which you can find easily and cheaply through Amazon or, even in this case, at the supermarket or, again, in electronics and computer stores.

Clean the Mac screen

Now that you have found all the necessary material I would say that you are finally ready to go to the real action and finally go to find out how to clean the screen of your Mac. Read the following instructions. Below you will find out how to proceed in the case of MacBooks (ie Apple notebooks), iMac (then the company’s desktop computers) and external monitors (eg those Thunderbolt) of the “bitten apple” and not to be connected to any Mac mini and Mac Pro.


Are you interested in understanding how to clean the Mac screen and have a MacBook? Well, then the first steps you need to do are to shut down the computer completely and disconnect the computer from the power supply connected and from the electrical outlet. Worry then to remove mouse, keyboard and any other peripherals and accessories connected to the computer as well as the protective case of the same (if you use one, of course).

Now, grab the microfibre cloth (or the deerskin or the suede leather) and pass it across the screen, making circular and not excessively energetic movements without too much pressure. If so doing the dirt should persist, you can moisten the cloth with a little ‘water and pass it on the display in the same way as seen above. In this case, however, try to avoid that water droplets and moisture in general can penetrate into adjacent openings.

As an alternative to the use of water, you can take advantage, as anticipated a few lines more on, special detergent products. In this case, however, remember to never spray the liquid directly on the screen, but always beforehand on the cloth used for cleaning. Then you can proceed in a manner practically similar to what you saw together just now.

After cleaning, if you wetted the cloth with a little water or if you used a special detergent, use the dry part of the cloth to dry the screen of your MacBook. Pass it over the entire surface of the same always making circular and delicate movements and without making any pressure. Then let the screen dry by placing the computer on a flat surface and preferably clean for a few minutes. Then you can finally resume using your credit card MacBook.

As I told you at the beginning and as you noticed yourself, cleaning the screen of the MacBook is a very simple operation to perform. Nevertheless, if you think you need more information on what to do or if it is not clear, you can consult the page dedicated to the cleaning of all models of Apple notebook annexed to the support section of the company’s website in Cupertino .

You can also find any video information by making a jump on YouTube but in this case I strongly suggest you do not take into consideration questionable and unfounded methods that unfortunately are often proposed online and that if put into practice could irreparably damage your Apple computer.


Do you own an iMac and do not know how to merge the screen? No problem, now I’ll explain it to you. First, turn off your Mac and unplug it from the power cord. Also proceed to remove mouse, keyboard, external hard drives and any other devices and accessories connected to the iMac.

Once this is done, grab the microfibre cloth (or the deer leather or the suede leather) and pass it on the screen making delicate, circular movements without too much pressure on the display. If doing so the dirt on the screen of the Mac does not come off, moisten the cloth with a little ‘water and perform the cleaning operation just seen together trying to carefully avoid that water and moisture penetrate to’ inside the slots on the computer.

Even if the water does not seem to have the desired effect, you can rely on the already mentioned specific detergents for screens or displays. If you decide to use it, remember, however, never to spray the liquid directly on the screen but always first on the cloth and then pass it on the entire surface of the display.

Once you have completed the cleaning opratone, if you have chosen to use water or detergents, use the dry part of the cloth already used to dry the screen of your Mac making again circular and delicate movements on it and, even in this case, without making too much pressure. Then allow the Mac screen to dry further for a few moments and then you can finally start using the computer again.

Even in this case, if you are not clear about some steps, you can refer to the page dedicated to the cleaning of Apple desktop computers annexed to the support section of the company’s website.

You can also take a look on YouTube where you can find several movies related to cleaning the iMac screen. In this case, however, I recommend, try to stay as far as possible from improbable methods or otherwise it is unreliable that if taken seriously, could go to damage or even irreparably break your computer. Then do not tell me that I had warned you.

External displays

Of course, you can clean the Mac screen even if you have a Mac mini or a Mac Pro and then you’re using a non-serial display. To do this, even in this case you must first disconnect the screen from the power supply, from the computer and from any other external device.

Once this is done, use the microfibre cloth (or the deer leather or the suede leather) and pass it over the entire surface of the screen without making too much pressure and making gentle, circular movements. If extra cleaning of the display panel is required, moisten the cloth you were using with water and swipe it over the same as I pointed out earlier, taking care not to let any droplets inside cracks and sockets are or in any case not to moisten the latter.

As an alternative to water, you can use, in the same way, special cleaning products without ever spraying directly on the display or, depending on the characteristics of the monitor you are using, you can take pure distilled water or you can prepare a built compound 50% from distilled water and 50% from white vinegar.

A complete cleaning, if you have moistened the screen with water, special detergents or with the “do it yourself” solution, pass the dry side of the cloth to the surface of the display to make it dry faster, then leave it to air for a few minutes.

If you have any doubt about what to do, you can consult the appropriate page dedicated to the cleaning of Apple desktop computers annexed to the support section of the company’s website. If the monitor you are using is of a brand other than Apple, to find more information about the cleaning work I suggest you visit the section dedicated to the assistance of the website of the reference company.

Further information can also be found on YouTube where, as we have already seen together in the previous lines, there are many video tutorials on the issue. Even in this case, however, I strongly advise you to avoid putting into practice the instructions of the videos that propose dubious methods or otherwise that could endanger your health, your screen and the Mac itself.