How to convert PDF to Word

How to convert PDF to Word

You have had more than once the need to turn a PDF document into a Word file, that is to say in DOC or DOCX format, to be able to modify it. However, being a little expert in information technology and new technologies in general, you never understood, exactly, how to do it. Well aware of the fact that you can not postpone for a long time so you decided to investigate the issue and find out what tools to use and especially what steps to do in order to convert your files from one format to another. Searching on the Web you are then fake on my tutorial dedicated just to How to convert PDF to Word and now you would like to understand if I can actually be of help or not what to do.

To immediately dispel all your doubts about it … the answer is yes! If you allow me a few minutes of your precious time I can in fact illustrate, by thread and by sign, how to perform the operation in question and, I’ll tell you more, to succeed you will not have to download and install absolutely nothing on your computer, your smartphone or on your tablet (at least not necessarily, then, for completeness of information, I will still indicate the resources useful for this purpose). You just need to take advantage of the appropriate Web services and it’s done. Which? Well, read the next lines and you’ll find out right away. In general, these are very simple resources to use even for those who, like you, do not really consider themselves a “geek”. Moreover, they are all free (at least in their basic form) and perfectly compatible with any web browser.

But now just chat and move on to the actual action. Make yourself comfortable and concentrate on the information you find below. I am sure that at the end you can feel very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that even in case of need you will be ready to provide useful advice to all your friends who want to receive similar tips. Are you ready? Yes? Great! Then let’s proceed! I wish you, as usual, good reading.

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How to convert PDF to Word From Zamzar

How to convert PDF to Word

The first of the resources to which I suggest you to appeal to convert your PDF documents to Word is Zamzar. This is an online service totally free and highly intuitive that allows you to transform, without any problem, rather complex PDF documents in Word documents editable, unlike many competing programs and Internet sites that often combine various messes. To exploit it you just have to feed the PDF you want to act on, indicate the destination format and your email address. When the conversion is finished, the service will send you (with a lot of “calm” … it’s a little slow, this must be said!) An email with a Web link to download it. Let’s see in more detail how to exploit the service.

First of all, proceed to connect to the Zamzar home page and click on the Choose files … button in Step 1. In the window that opens, look for the PDF document you want to convert to a Word document, select it and click on the button to open it. Alternatively, you can drag directly into the browser window the files that you want to convert bringing them to the writing Drop your files here that you will see appear if necessary.

At this point, select the doc or docx (depending on your needs) in the drop-down menu in the Step 2 section and enter your email address in the text field of Step 3. Make sure the email address you type is written correctly, otherwise you will not receive a web link to download the converted document from the service.

Then click the Convert button and, in the window that opens, presses the OK button. Then wait that loading the PDF document to be converted into Word document is completed: if everything runs smoothly, should open a new page with written File upload complete.

So you just have to wait for Zamzar to do his job. Keep in mind that it may take several hours. When Zamzar ends the conversion of your PDF document into Word document, you will receive, as anticipated a few lines more on, an e-mail message from the service. You open it, click on the link inside and, on the page that you see appear, presses the green button Download Now. Done!

The PDF you want to give in Word is online and not on your computer (or on the device you are using)? No problem, you can get it directly from the Web by clicking on the Zamzar URL Converter tab, filling in the field that corresponds to the words Step 1 with the relative link and proceeding in the same way as I have just indicated. Convenient!

How to convert PDF to Word From Smallpdf

How to convert PDF to Word

Another good Web service I want to recommend you try to convert PDF to Word is Smallpdf. This is a website that offers different tools for the conversion of PDF and other files in the format in question and that, of course, also integrates a tool useful for the purpose in question. It does not apply particularly stringent limits regarding the upload of files, it is endowed with a pleasant user interface and also winks to privacy as all the uploaded documents are deleted from the service servers within an hour. The only thing that must be taken into account is the fact that it can be used up to twice within 60 minutes but if you do not have special needs it may not be a problem.

Do you wonder how to use it? I’ll explain it to you immediately. To start with, visit the Smallpdf page dedicated to the tool to transform PDFs into Word. Then drag directly into the browser window, in the box marked with the words Drag the PDF here, the document you want to convert.

As an alternative to dragging, you can choose the file to act on by clicking on the Select File link below and selecting it manually or you can click on the Dropbox and / or Google Drive entries that are located on the right to pick up the file to be converted from your Dropbox account or Google Drive account.

Wait then that the document is first uploaded online and then converted and, when done, presses the button Download the file on the left to download the PDF transformed into Word files. You can also click on the Google Drive or Dropbox logos placed on the side to save the file on your favorite cloud storage account.

How to convert PDF to Word From PDF Candy

How to convert PDF to Word

Have not the solutions to convert PDF to Word that I have already talked about to you? Well, then I can not help but advise you to test PDF Candy, I’m sure you will not regret it. This is an Internet site that, similar to Smallpdf, provides users with several very interesting tools designed specifically for the conversion and editing of PDF files. Among the various options available there is also a useful for the purpose in question. The use of the service is also free and no particular limits are imposed as regards the maximum weight of the files and the number of documents that can be uploaded on a daily basis.

To use it, visit the service page dedicated to the conversion of PDF files in Word and drag the documents on which it is your intention to act in the browser window. If necessary, you can also manually select the documents on which to intervene by clicking + Add file or, still you can upload it from Google Drive or Dropbox by clicking on the relevant icons.

When the upload is complete, click on the button Download file or press on the icons of cloud storage services supported in order to save everything directly on the latter. Easier than that?

How to convert PDF to Word From DocsPal

How to convert PDF to Word

In an article focused on how to convert PDF files to Word it is practically impossible not to even mention DocsPal. It is in fact an online service located in Italian that can convert directly from the web browser window of the type of file in question but also those in all other major formats. Unlike the resources I have already told you about, it imposes some limitations as regards the weight of the files to be loaded that must not exceed 50 MB. Furthermore, it is not possible to load more than 5 files at a time. For the rest, there is nothing to complain about.

To try DocsPal, first connect to the service home page and then click on the Browse button the file corresponding to the words Step 1 and select the document in PDF format that you want to convert to Word. Alternatively, you can drag directly into the browser window the file to be transformed by releasing it in the box Simply drag and drop your files here.

If then the PDF you want to take action is online, you can directly indicate the URL in the field that you find in the words Enter the URL of the file :.

Once you have selected the file to act on, select from the menu on the right that you find in the Step 2 section the entry DOC – Microsoft Word Document or DOCXMicrosoft Word 2007 Document (depends on what your needs are).

Then go to the section Step 3, check the box next to the item Send a download link to my email address (optional): type your email address in the field below if you want to receive a link to your converted file also directly in the your inbox and then click the Convert Files button to start the conversion process.

Wait a few moments for the transformation procedure to start and complete, and then click on the link with the name of the document under the heading Converted Files: to download the converted PDF to a Word file that can be edited on your device. If you had previously indicated your email address to receive the link to download the file you can download the transformed document by opening the mail that was sent to you by the service and pressing on the collagen present inside.

How to convert PDF to Word – Programs to convert PDF to Word

How to convert PDF to Word

Instead of using Web, would you rather use a special program for Windows or Mac to convert your PDF files to Word documents? Then immediately look at the following list of appropriate resources and you will see that you will be able to find a resource that can meet your needs.

  • Simpo PDF to Word – Excellent program available for both Windows and Mac that allows you to convert to PDF files (as well as TXT format) all PDFs with a maximum length of three pages. Its operation is quite intuitive and also has a pleasant interface. It is paid but you can download the free trial version.
  • Free PDF to Word Doc Converter – Excellent free software available only and exclusively for Windows operating systems useful for the purpose in question. It is very easy to use and leaves virtually all features of the original files unaltered, including text formatting and style, tables and images.
  • PDF Reader Pro – Available only for Mac, it is a complete application for viewing, editing and even converting PDF files. It is available in two variants: a free one, which allows you to convert documents up to a maximum of 10 pages, and a paid one, which does not impose any limitation. As far as conversion is concerned, it is able to maintain the original formatting of documents and is also a fairly intuitive and easy to use tool.

How to convert PDF to Word – App to convert PDF to Word

How to convert PDF to Word

Are you interested in understanding the apps for Android and iOS that you can use on your mobile devices to fulfill the purpose in question? So from ‘one look at the list of appropriate resources that you find below, I’m sure you can find something that can meet your needs.

  • Easy PDF – PDF to Word Converter (Android / iOS) – Application available for Android and iOS that does one thing but does it impeccably: convert PDFs to Word documents. It is able to take files on which to act from various sources, has simple and intuitive commands and also allows you to share the result of the conversion with various apps.
  • PDF to Word Converter (Android / iOS) – As the name implies, this is a handy free app (but which offers in-app purchases to add more features) for Android and iOS devices designed specifically for transformation PDFs in Word files. The conversion is done online and not straight on the device in use so the app has a virtually zero impact on battery life. The only thing to take into account is that to complete the free conversions you have to wait an hour or so.
  • PDF Conversion Suite (Android) – Another very valid application for Android brand devices through which it is possible to convert PDF files to many other formats, DOC and DOCX included, in an incredibly simple way. The user interface is quite intuitive and also requires very few permissions. In short, why not try it now?

How to convert PDF to Word