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How to delete TripAdvisor

How to delete TripAdvisor

Did you subscribe to TripAdvisor but you were not completely satisfied with the service? Are you looking for a way to eliminate all the reviews you have posted so far on the famous travel portal? You have just closed your business and now you would like to delete your owner profile from TripAdvisor? If you answered affirmatively to at least one of these questions, you’re probably looking for directions on how to unsubscribe from TripAdvisor. I guessed? Well, do not worry, you’ve just come to the right place at the right time!

In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will explain in detail how you can delete once and for all your TripAdvisor account and all the data related to the latter. Whether you want to delete a member account or a proprietary profile on TripAdvisor, you simply need to access your profile settings, select the option to delete it and follow the on-screen instructions.

You will see, if you follow the instructions in the next lines, you will not have the slightest problem in completing the procedure. All you have to do is get yourself comfortable, concentrate on reading this tutorial and, above all, put into practice the “tips” that I will give you. Enjoy the reading!

How to delete TripAdvisor – Cancel from TripAdvisor

How to delete TripAdvisor


Are you sure you want to close your TripAdivisor account, but can not find the “Delete account” button that was used for this purpose? Do not worry, because in the next few lines I will guide you step by step so as to help you complete the procedure with a certain ease. You will see, within 9-10 minutes you will have already managed to delete your TripAdvisor account. Let it bet?

First, connected to the initial page of TripAdvisor, click on the icon of the little man that is located in the upper right (in fact, you can access the login form by clicking on the green Register button) and, in the box that appears at screen, enter your login credentials in the appropriate fields – then the e-mail with which you registered and the corresponding password – and click on the green login button.

How to delete TripAdvisor

If you have problems in logging in, perhaps because you have difficulty remembering your password, perform the password recovery procedure so as to get back into possession of your account in order to delete it immediately after. To recover your password, click on the Forgot your password? Link, type the e-mail address you registered with TripAdvisor into the appropriate field and click on the green button Send the link.

Within a few seconds, the Tripadvisor staff will send you a message to the e-mail address you just mentioned in which there is a link: click on it to be sent back to the Web page used to reset the password and type in the appropriate text fields the new password with which to login to your account.

As soon as you are able to log in to your profile, click on your name located at the top right and, in the menu that appears on the screen, click on the item Account Information. On the web page that opens you will see all the information concerning your profile: your name and surname, the username that is displayed by other users, your e-mail address, your address etc. Scroll down the page containing all this information to the end and click on the link Close the account which, as you can well guess, will allow you to start the procedure necessary to permanently delete the profile you have created on TripAdvisor

How to delete TripAdvisor

At this point you will be sent back to the Web page Closing account, where you can indicate the reason why you are going to unsubscribe from the service. To indicate your motivations, check one of the boxes located next to the five available options: I receive too many e-mails from TripAdvisor, if you want to report the receipt of too many e-mails from the service; I want to remove my review if you want to report a willingness to delete your reviews; I no longer want to use my Facebook account if I want to disconnect your Facebook account; I no longer want to use my Google account, if you want to disconnect your Google Account or I want to close the account for other reasons, if you want to indicate other reasons using the appropriate text field (the message can contain up to a maximum of 500 characters ).

After specifying the reason you want to close your account, type your password in the text field at the bottom of the “Account Close” page and click on the Close my account link. If you have forgotten your account password and are unable to complete the process, click on the Forgot your password link? and follow the password recovery wizard (if you find it difficult to recover the access key to your account, follow the instructions that you find a few lines more on).

How to delete TripAdvisor

If all went well, the following message should appear: “You have closed the account correctly and you will no longer have access to the user center or the contents. It may take up to 3 days for you to stop receiving our newsletter. “

Within a few seconds, you should also receive a confirmation e-mail in which you are told that the account has been successfully closed and that the TripAdvisor team will proceed to the elimination of information and content concerning you in the next 24-48 hours.

Please note: the closure of the account is irreversible. Once completed the cancellation procedure you will no longer be able to access your profile, nor to view its contents.

How to delete TripAdvisor – From smartphones and tablets

How to delete TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor, as you may well know, is also available as an app for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile, but does not offer a specific function for deleting accounts.

If you want to cancel from TripAdvisor using a portable device, you have to open the browser of your smartphone or tablet (eg Chrome if you use an Android terminal or Safari if you use an iPhone / iPad), connect to the TripAdvisor page, activate the desktop mode and follow the procedure I have shown you before for the PC. If you do not know how to activate desktop mode in your mobile device’s browser, proceed as follows.

  • If you use Chrome on Android, presses the ⋮ button located at the top right and select the item Request desktop site from the menu that appears.


  • If you use Safari on iOS, press the arrow icon pointing up and select the icon Request desktop site from the menu that opens.

How to delete TripAdvisor – Delete the owner profile

How to delete TripAdvisor

Have you registered a proprietary profile on TripAdvisor and now you would like to delete your account, maybe because you have ceased your activity? Well, in this case all you have to do is connect to the Management Center page and log in to your account.

Then select the item Update the details of the structure and click on the entry Close your profile located in the section The status of your profile (top). To conclude, follow the wizard specifying the closing date of your business and, if you wish, provide other useful information and confirm your intention to close your owner profile.

If you have difficulty completing the procedure, visit the page set up in the Help Center of TripAdvisor, where you can find many other useful information.

How to delete TripAdvisor – What to do in case of problem

How to delete TripAdvisor

Have you encountered any problems with the cancellation process of your TripAdvisor account? Do not lose heart and do not throw in the towel right now: try, rather, to find a real solution to your problem by visiting the service center of TripAdvisor.

In the help center of TripAdvisor you can find numerous articles that answer the doubts and frequently asked questions asked by users. To find a solution that’s right for you, look for a topic that identifies your problem in the search bar at the top or, alternatively, find a topic by expanding one of the four menus below: Rules, to search for information about terms and conditions of use of the service; Functionality of the portal, to find information regarding the main characteristics of the service; Community, to view some tips on using help forums, sending private messages etc. o Technical support, to receive assistance regarding account settings, use of personal data and anything else.

If not even the Service Center has managed to solve your problems or concerns, try to contact TripAdvisor on Facebook or Twitter. Even if the web portal does not officially offer support via social networks, you can still try to talk to an employee for assistance. After all, as they say in these cases, trying does not cost anything. Maybe you could really get in touch with TripAdvisor and you may be able to get the support you need to close your account. Good luck!

How to delete TripAdvisor