How to download GTA on Android

How to download GTA on Android

Are you a passionate videographer of GTA (Grand Theft Auto) on console and computer, talking with a friend of the thing you have become aware of the fact that some chapters of the famous videogame saga are also available for your smartphone (or tablet) Android and so , well happy, you decided to deepen the topic so you can understand how to download them right away. However, if you are here now and you are reading this article, it seems clear to me that not being particularly tight in terms of mobile devices and new technologies it is not clear yet how to proceed. You would therefore like to receive some advice on what to do.

How do you say? Things are exactly like this and would you like to know if I can give you a hand or not what to do? But that’s right, it’s quiet, it was just what I meant to do! If you allow me a few minutes of your precious time I can in fact illustrated, by wire and by sign, how to download GTA on Android, which, I anticipate it now, is really easy.

Clearly, considering that as well as on computers and on consoles also on Android are available various chapters of the famous saga of Rockstar Games, it will be my concern to explain how to proceed in all cases. I will also explain to you what operations to accomplish to be able to make your downloads without problems and what other similar games you can possibly consider alternatively. But now just chat and move on to the actual action. I wish you, as usual, good reading and … have fun!

How to download GTA on Android – GTA chapters for Android

How to download GTA on Android

As anticipated at the beginning, before explaining how to download GTA on Android it seems to me dutiful to explain what are the chapters of the saga usable on the mobile platform of the “green robot”. Unfortunately, the most recent GTA V is not available (for the moment it remains an exclusive of PC and console) but you can still download some of the previous chapters of Grand Theft Auto and the spin-off originally playable on portable consoles. So let’s see in detail what.

  • Grand Theft Auto III – It costs 4.99 euros and is the transposition for Android smartphones and tablets of what was the first three-dimensional chapter of Grand Theft Auto originally launched in 2001.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Presents an 80s setting and is one of the most acclaimed chapters of the entire saga. Originally it was launched in 2002. Even in this case, the price of the game is equal to 4.99 euros,
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Another exciting chapter of the game originally launched in 2004. It costs 6.99 euros.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars – It is a chapter of GTA originally made available only for portable consoles. The view is from above and the graphics are old school. It costs 4.99 euros.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – It costs 6.99 euros and is the prequel of GTA 3, it is set three years before. Originally it was launched in 2005 on consoles.

Most of the GTA chapters for Android can also be downloaded outside the Play Store, finding the appropriate APK file from alternative stores. But if you want a rabbit, if I were you I would stay away from resources of this type so as not to run into viruses and various problems arising from the installation of games from unsafe sources. Therefore, it avoids with accuracy the so-called “black markets” (the black markets) of the apps that I know, they can make a throat, but besides favoring the distribution of pirated material (which is a crime!) Make available to the unsuspecting users applications that they can be very dangerous for the device in use. Then do not tell me I did not warn you!

How to download GTA on Android – Steps to take before downloading GTA on Android

How to download GTA on Android

Now that you have clearer ideas about the various chapters of the famous game that can be downloaded on Android smartphones and tablets, we try to understand what operations should be done in a preliminary way to proceed with the download as well as what you need to do to succeed.

Let’s start from a fundamental premise: to be able to download GTA on Android, as well as any other app, game or content from the Play Store, you must necessarily be a Google account holder and you must have connected the latter to your device. If you do not already have a Google account and / or if you have not already done so to connect it to your smartphone or tablet, you can do everything right now, directly from Android. Now I’ll explain how, it’s very easy.

To begin with, log in to the Drawer (the screen of your smartphone or tablet where all the apps are grouped), locate the Settings icon (the gear-shaped one) and tap on it then tap the General tab or, if you can not visualize it, scroll to half the screen that is shown to you and stop on the + Add account button that you find next to the word Account.

Once you’ve done that, select the Google logo and then step on the Existing button, if you want to connect to the device an existing Google account, or on the New button, to create a new account directly from Android. In the first case, simply provide your login information to your account by typing your e-mail address and associated password.

If you have chosen to create a new account, you will have to fill in the form that is proposed to you by first typing first and last name, then the username you want to use (which will also be the initial part of your Gmail email address) and the password that you want to use to access it. Then choose whether to indicate a secondary email address or a phone number to use if you need to retrieve your Gmail account login or continue.

To complete the whole procedure, skip (if you want) an invitation to receive news about Google Play offers and tap the Accept button. By doing so, your Gmail email address will be automatically associated with the smartphone or tablet you are using. If you think you need more details on what to do, you can also read my tutorial on how to create Google account through which I proceeded to talk about the thing with even more detail.

How to download GTA on Android – Download GTA on Android

How to download GTA on Android

Once you’ve created and / or associated with your phone or tablet your Google account, you’re finally ready to go to the real action: download GTA on Android. To do so, access the Google Play Store by pressing on its icon (the white one with the “play” symbol printed above) found on the main screen of the device or in the menu with the icons of all the apps installed on your smartphone or tablet (the Drawer), select the magnifying glass icon located at the top right and search for gta.

When the search results appear, presses the icon of the GTA chapter you want to download among those that I have indicated to you a few lines more on. If you prefer, you can speed up the execution of these steps by plugging directly from your Android device on the reference links that I have provided you in the previous step.

Once you see the game card on the Play Store, press first on the button with the price (eg 4,99 €) and then on that I Accept to download and install GTA on your smartphone or Android tablet. With the procedure computed, open the game by pressing the appropriate Open button visible on the screen or by going to the screen of your device where all the applications are grouped.

If after having tapped the button with the price you see a warning appear on the screen through which you are asked to set a payment method to buy the game evidently is because you had not already done so previously. Then select the desired option (you can pay with PayPal, by credit card or credit card, with the phone credit or with a gift card), enter the required data and confirm the thing.

If you can not find the icon of the Play Store either in the home screen or in the screen with the applications installed on the terminal, most likely it is because you have a cheap phone or tablet that for purely bureaucratic reasons does not include the app store big G. To solve this problem you can do the installation by hand. To find out how, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to download Android applications.

How to download GTA on Android – Other games similar to GTA for Android

How to download GTA on Android

To “close in beautiful”, as if on the dir, I want to tell you some games that you can download on your smartphone or Android tablet as an alternative or in addition to the already mentioned chapters of the GTA saga. It presents more or less similar gameplay and / or settings. Here they are.

  • Gangstar Vegas – mafia game – Game where you find yourself playing the role of a mixed martial arts fighter who is framed by the mafia in the city of Las Vegas. You can have fun with various game modes as well as with about 80 missions available. The graphics are really well done and you can download for free.
  • Gangstar Rio: City of Saints – Beautiful game where you can visit the city of Rio de Janeiro with cars, motorcycles, helicopters and customizable tanks. The missions of the main story are about 60 and to overcome them you need to take advantage of a vast arsenal. There are also several secondary missions scattered around the map and the main character’s look can be changed as desired. It costs 6.99 euros.
  • Block City Wars + skins export – Although the graphics closely resemble that of Minecraft, in this game all focused on shootings and robberies in the city you can enjoy, albeit a little ‘far away, the glories of GTA with sandbox mode. The experience is not at all realistic, this is very clear, but the gamplay is fun enough and also offers a good online multiplayer experience. You download for free.
  • San Andreas straight 2 Compton – It is practically the Grand Theft Auto clone: ​​San Andreas. Even in this title, a young black man goes out of prison and returns to his neighborhood where he prefers to rely on the underworld to survive. It should be noted that on a daily basis 5 different missions to be tackled are proposed. However, it presents numerous bugs that sometimes ruin the gaming experience but it is worth trying. You download for free.
  • Police vs Gangster New York 3D – A classic guards and thieves in which we find ourselves playing the role of justice in the city of New York. Patrolling is often involved in chases and shootings to capture or kill the most dangerous criminals in circulation. The setting is not properly reproduced in an impeccable way but it is nevertheless able to make the gaming experience very pleasant. You download for free.

The games for Android to download as an alternative to Grand Theft Auto of which I have already talked about have not been able to satisfy you or are you still looking for other titles with which you can have fun from your smartphone or tablet? So now ‘a look at my article beautiful games for Android through which, in fact, I proceeded to list you many titles to notice funny and passionate and belonging a bit’ to all genres. I sincerely hope that you can find something that can satisfy your videogames needs.

How to download GTA on Android