How to find a password

How to find a password

Have you lost the password needed to access your favorite social network? Do not remember more well what is the key word with which you access your inbox online? Are you desperate because you can no longer find a password with which you accessed one of your favorite websites? Do not worry, everything is a solution and in this case I have some advice that is right for you and that will allow you to find all lost passwords.

I know, you’re already imagining mega-software impossible to use tailor-made for hackers, but you’re wrong. Today I want to explain how to find a forgotten password, using a default tool built into the browser. How do you say? Did you know nothing about this possibility and you wonder how it is possible? All this is very simple as browsers are now able to automatically save and archive the typed passwords.

How do you say? Are you totally stunned by this revelation and now you can not wait to learn more? Okay then what do you say if we start? Sit comfortably and take a few minutes of free time to devote to the careful reading of my tutorial. I wish you a good reading and a good “job”.

How to find a password – How to find a password saved in the browser

How to find a password

To find the password for a web service for which you have registered, such as a social network, you can use an integrated tool in the browser you use to surf the Internet.

Following the most recent updates, in fact, browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari integrate a password management tool and autonomously remember the login data to allow you to easily recover them in case of oversights.

These password manager tools are usually already active in default mode within the same browsers which can also offer an automatic compilation service, remembering information such as username and password for the Internet sites you register with.

In case the automatic compilation was not active, or if you forgot the password to access Internet sites, you can take advantage of this integrated functionality of the browser in a simple and immediate.

This is a very good solution that is an alternative to changing the password, or that procedure integrated into many Web services that will allow you to reset the password to set a new one at the time.

That said, in the following lines I will explain to you first of all how you can find a password in case it has been saved in the browser’s password management tool. If this feature is not enabled by default I will also provide you with detailed instructions to activate it so that you can use it later.

Do not worry, this is a very simple procedure that can be done using at the click of a few clicks.

How to find a password – Google Chrome

How to find a password

Among all browsers for surfing the Internet, Google Chrome is certainly more common on Windows computers and Mac computers.

If you are then using this browser to browse the Internet and you forgot your password or login data for a website you have visited, such as a social network, you can find the password you typed in a very short time, using the management tool password built into the Google browser.

To perform this procedure first start the Google browser by double-clicking on its icon and then, once it has started, click on the button with the symbol of the three dots you can see located at the top right.

A drop-down menu will open and you will have to click on the words Settings you will see on the screen. This way you will be able to view the section related to the settings of the Google Chrome browser.

Through the settings section find the item Advanced by scrolling down the page. Did you find it? Yup? Very well! Then click on it so that you can expand the settings display menu. Now, scrolling this page again, you will need to identify the Password and Forms item and then click on the Manage password entry.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to see the Google Chrome browser password management tool.

Now, first make sure that the menu items are active Ask to save the passwords and also Automatic logon: these are the features I talked to earlier, automatically saving passwords and more generally the login data you type to register with Internet sites, they will allow you to log in automatically without having to type username password. In case these items are deactivated, activate them manually.

However, if you want to know what are the passwords that have been saved in the browser you will have to locate the website you want to access via the Saved password section.

Once you have identified the Internet site you want to access but for which you no longer remember the login data, you can find the login password by clicking on the corresponding button with the symbol of the wink.

Acting in this way you can see the password you typed: this will appear in place of the dots and you will have quickly retrieved the login data that you have lost. Easy, no?

How to find a password – Mozilla Firefox

How to find a password

The same automatic access and password manager functions are integrated into the Mozilla Firefox browser and you can then use the tools integrated in the same browser to find a password for a web service you have registered for, in case you do not remember the login data anymore.

Also in this case the functionality of the browser that stores the passwords should already be active automatically; you can still activate or deactivate it, always carefully following the instructions that I will provide you in the following lines.

Once you have started the Mozilla Firefox navigation program, you will need to press the button with the menu symbol you can see in the upper right corner. Now you will have to click on the Options button you will see as an item in the drop-down menu that will be opened.

From the section that will open on the screen you will then have to click on the Privacy and security item so that you will directly see the menu related to privacy and browser security.

Now you will notice that, under the heading Privacy of the browser should be enabled the entry Remember login credentials to websites. Is this menu item active? If the answer is affirmative then it means that the browser has already previously saved access credentials to the Internet sites in which you registered.

That said, if this feature is enabled then, by clicking on the item Saved access you will succeed in your intent to find the access passwords that you have lost. In fact you will see a screen on the screen that will show you all the login data (and therefore username or email and password) for Internet sites that required registration.

What you need to do then will be to scroll through this list of Internet sites to find the one you are interested in and then, to find the password you forgot, press the Show Password button and then confirm the will to see the hidden password by pressing the Yes button in the menu Confirmation Display the stored passwords?

In this way, in the saved access screen you will see a new column called Password that will show you the passwords saved automatically by the browser.

How to find a password – Safari

How to find a password

Do you use the Safari browser to browse the Internet because you have a Mac computer? Do not worry, I can explain in an equally simple and immediate way how to use the password manager tool of the Apple browser. You will see that it will be equally to find the password that you have lost.

Once you have started the Safari browser you will have to click on the button called Safari which is located in the top menu. Then, from the drop-down menu that you’ll see on the screen, click on the word Preferences so that you can view the section dedicated to the settings of the Safari browser on the screen.

Now click on the menu item Password which has the symbol of a key: in this way you will be asked to enter the password to access your computer for a security issue. You will be able to view the section that will show you all the login data you have entered to register with the websites you have visited using the browser.

Through this section you will then have to locate the website or the web service for which you want to find the password and then you will have to click on the name of the website in question. Done? Very well! Now you can see the password you typed but forgot.

How to find a password – Alternative solutions to find a password

How to find a password

Have you tried to follow the instructions I gave you in the previous lines but the browser you use to browse the Internet has not saved the login data of the website of your interest? Do you need any other advice regarding alternative solutions to find a password you forgot?

Well, in many cases the quickest and most painless solution is to try to recover the password if this service is available on the Internet site for which you have forgotten access.

This is a feature that usually, through the indication of useful information to certify your identity (such as the email address or phone number) will allow you to know the password you lost, as this will be saved automatically from the service to which you registered.

Alternatively, if this recovery feature is not available, you can always get hold of your account by resetting your password. In this case it is a more drastic solution: the previous password will no longer be valid and you will be asked to set a new one at the moment.

In the cases just taken as an example there is no standard procedure as this varies depending on the Web service. For example, if you forgot your Facebook password and want to know how to recover it, then you can read my guide dedicated to the topic. Alternatively, you can devote yourself to reading my tutorial in which I’ll explain how to reset your Facebook password.

Other popular services for which you may need to find a password could be for example Gmail or Skype. You can therefore read more information about it in my article entitled “how to recover Gmail password without changing it” or you can find useful information in my guide entitled “how to recover your Skype password”.