How to get eBay coupons

How to get eBay coupons

Are you a lover of online shopping and do you usually buy products on the Internet? Have you read my guide on how to get Amazon coupons and asked if there are similar solutions for eBay? The answer is yes. eBay periodically proposes coupons to be applied to purchases made in certain categories of products and which allow to obtain large discounts. You can find good discounts directly on the eBay site, but also on Facebook and even receive them via email.

Would you like to know more? So do not waste any more time and read the topic immediately thanks to the indications I am about to give you. With today’s guide, in fact, I will show you how to get eBay coupons and save a few euros on your online purchases. I assure you that this is really a breeze and that, among the many offers available, you will also find interesting discounts for you.

Courage, take five minutes of free time, read the next paragraphs carefully and find out all the information needed to get discount codes to spend on eBay: I will first explain how to get the eBay discount codes from various sites and then how to redeem them from PC, smartphone and tablet. Good reading and above all, good savings!


  • Preliminary operations
  • How to get eBay coupons
    – Coupons through the eBay site
    – Coupon through Facebook
    – Coupon by email
  • How to get eBay coupons from computers
  • How to get eBay coupons from smartphones and tablets

Preliminary operations

How to get eBay coupons

Before going into the details of this tutorial and indicating how to get eBay coupons, you should know that to redeem the coupons you must be registered on eBay and pay your purchases with PayPal.

If you do not yet have an account on eBay, linked to the homepage of the latter and click on the entry Register at the top left to create one. Then enter your details in the fields Name, Surname, Email address, Password and presses the Register button. In a few moments you will receive an email containing an activation link: press it to complete the subscription to the service. To learn more about eBay, you can read my guide on how eBay works.

To create an account on PayPal, connected to the official website of the service and click on the Register button located at the top right, put the check mark next to the item Personal account and presses the Continue button. Then fill out the registration form by entering your details in the fields Name, Surname, Email address and Password and click on the Next button, then enter your personal data, check the terms and conditions of use and information on privacy and presses the button Accept and register. You can get more detailed information by reading my Paypal guide: register, make and receive payments.

How to get eBay coupons

To obtain eBay coupons, no complicated procedures are required, but it is sufficient to connect to the eBay website or to the Facebook page of the latter. In addition, eBay users with active email reception service, can also receive coupon codes at the email address associated with their account.

Coupons through the eBay site

How to get eBay coupons

The most immediate way to get a coupon for eBay is to contact the home page of the famous auction site. If promotions with coupons are in progress, on the main eBay page there are many banners that indicate the same.

To get a coupon, then connected to the eBay site and presses on the item Appropriate for the current promotion. If you do not see any banner, you can check the presence of coupons by pressing the unmissable eBay item on the main menu of the site and allowing access to the section with the latest offers and the proposal of the day. Pie then on the Promotions and events option to view the list of any coupon codes, promotions and discounts and click on the option Use the code [code].

Now you can view the window of products for sale to which you can apply the eBay coupon, with the ability to filter products by category and price. Then click on the item All categories to select one of the available categories, press the Price option to set a price range and click on the item Listings in the window if you want to view the cheapest or most expensive products first. Once you have found the product you are interested in, click on its cover image to access the descriptive sheet with product information, sales and shipping details, seller feedback and much more.

Coupon through Facebook

How to get eBay coupons

You can also get coupons via the eBay Facebook page. If you do not have a Facebook account yet, you can read my guide about it.

Once you have gained access to the social network, in the search bar at the top of, press the magnifying glass icon to start the search and click on the result to access the eBay Italy Facebook page . Scroll through the latter, locate a post related to any coupons and presses the button Make purchases or find out more to access the promotion page.

If you want to be notified every time new eBay offers are created on Facebook (including coupons), presses on the item Offers on the right and click on the Receive notifications button, or check the checkbox next to Send me a notification when there are new discounts.

Coupon by email

How to get eBay coupons

Users registered on eBay are advised of discounts, promotions and coupons also by email, provided that the email reception service is active by the famous auction site.

To activate it, connected to the eBay site and click on the Login item at the top right, enter your details in the fields Email or username and password and press the Login button to login.

Now, presses on the item My eBay placed at the top right, click on the Account option and, in the Sections box on the left, select the Notification Preferences item. Scroll down the page, find the section Promotions and polls and presses on the item Show, then put the check mark next to the item General promotions via email and you’re done.

How to get eBay coupons from computers

How to get eBay coupons

After receiving an eBay discount voucher, you need to identify a compliant item and redeem the coupon in order to get the much desired discount on the final price of the product (shipping excluded).

To redeem an eBay coupon, first connect to the official website of the service and log in to your account. Then click on the banner at the top, next to the item Help and contacts, to access the screen dedicated to coupons and check all the details of the promotion: start date and expiry date indicating the validity period of the coupon; value of the discount, minimum expense and maximum discount to know the value of the discount to be applied, the minimum required expenditure and the maximum amount you can save and categories to know the categories of products to which you can apply the coupon.

How to get eBay coupons

After checking the details of the promotion and identifying the product to be purchased, press the Add to Cart button and click on the Pay item to access the order summary. Now, on the Payment page, find the Add coupon option, enter the discount code you have in the Enter the code field and click the Apply button.

If the code is valid and the product chosen respects the details of the promotion, in the box on the right you can see the item Coupon with the relative discount next to it. Then select PayPal as a payment method and proceed with the purchase by clicking on the Confirm and Pay button.

How to get eBay coupons from smartphones and tablets

How to get eBay coupons

If you got an eBay coupon through one of the methods described above, you can redeem it by making purchases from smartphones and tablets. The famous online shopping platform, in fact, is also available as an application for Android and iOS devices.

After downloading the eBay app on your smartphone or tablet, start it, enter your login information in the Username or email and password fields and tap the Login button to login. Then identify the product of your interest and press on the item Add to cart, if you intend to continue with purchases, or on the item Buy it now, to go directly to the order summary screen.

Once you have finished shopping, press the cart icon and tap on the item Payment to access the order summary, then press on the option Add coupons, enter the discount code in the field Enter a code and presses on the item top right. In automatic the total of the order will be updated by increasing the amount relative to the inserted coupon and showing the discount applied next to the Coupon item. Happy?

How to get eBay coupons