How to properly use pyrotechnic fires

Information and advice

Who buys and uses pyrotechnic products with accuracy and listening to the advice of expert staff, makes party and has fun without a hitch; who does the brave and makes his own head is likely to get hurt and in some cases to ruin his life forever.


Make sure that the label with the following information is affixed to the product:

Classification of the Ministry of the Interior;
Name of the manufacturer or importer;
Instructions for Use.
Check that the product is in an excellent state of preservation, ie that there are no signs of moisture or damage.


Never keep pyrotechnic items in your pocket, in backpacks, especially those with frictional ignition, as they could self-trigger with the movement of the body.

We recommend the use of cardboard boxes or bags.

Keep products purchased in safe places, away from open flames and heat sources. Remember also that humidity compromises operation and safety.

Keep the IV and V category products out of reach of minors under the age of 18.


Turn on pyrotechnic articles in open places, away from homes, people and places at risk of fire such as factories and woods.

Never use in the event of wind!

Always switch on one product at a time, taking care to keep other products away and away from sparks.

Remember to NEVER bring your face close to the pyric product.

Turn on the fuse by extending the arm, keeping the torso at a distance.

In case of failure or partial operation:

  • Do not attempt to reignite the artifice;
  • Do not attempt to verify the cause of non-operation;
  • Do not bring your face over the object;
  • Do not try to grasp it with your hands;
  • Allow the product to cool;

Destroy it by immersing it in water.
Never leave unexploded products!

Here are some useful tips for using pyrotechnic products while having fun in complete safety:

Switch on while keeping adequate distance from people and things to avoid causing burns and fires. Do not keep the artifice in your hand but fix it to a pole or other support.

Place on the ground on a solid and level surface, turn on the fuse and move away immediately.

The candle must remain in an upright position. It is advisable to fix it in the ground by attaching it to a post or by inserting it into a tube.

Put the rocket in a slightly inclined launch tube, turn it on and move away immediately. Use away from homes and in the absence of wind.

Fix the mortar on the ground in an upright position taking care to be far from houses and that there is no wind. Insert one ball at a time letting the fuse come out from the top of the mortar. Turn on and get away immediately. For greater security, lock the mortar with stones or bricks.

Using the appropriate holes nail the artifice to a pole and move away immediately.

Rest on the ground on a solid and level surface, to prevent the device from tipping over. Turn on and get away immediately. For greater security, block the show with stones or bricks.

Rub the firecracker over the appropriate igniter (such as Minerva supplied with the purchase) and immediately throw it away from people and things. Wait a few seconds for the effect. Never keep firecrackers in your pocket or in backpacks; use cardboard boxes or bags. In case of failure to burst, do not approach, let it pass for a few minutes and destroy in water.


Use only “declassified” or “free sale” products now classified among the explosives
These products, as of 10 September 2011, have been “reclassified” among the explosives and may belong to the IV category, V category, group C, D or E depending on the type of product. Only those belonging to category V, group D or E can be found on the market at supermarkets, stationery shops, tobacconists, etc … They can be purchased only from the age of 18 and for category V group D, if you exceed the limit of 5 kg net, it is necessary to report their possession to the Public Safety Authority. No excess of 25 kg in gross weight can be stored at home.