How to recall a private number

How to recall a private number

Over the last few days you have received some calls from private numbers but you have never had time to respond or in any case, even if you have succeeded, you did not understand who they were from. Intrigued by the thing and eager to discover the real identity of those who called you, you then rushed to the Web looking for some solution in this regard and you ended up here, on my site, hopeful to receive some tips. How do you say? Things are exactly like this and would you like to know if I can help you? Of course yes, do not worry! If you allow me a few minutes of your precious time I can in fact explain how to recall a private number indicating some useful services for this purpose and valid for both the mobile line and the fixed line.

Before giving you all the indications of the case, however, it seems right to make a premise: if the calls you receive are particularly nagging or otherwise have a content that worries you, my advice is to immediately contact the competent authorities (the postal police), inform them of the thing and ask for help directly to them. But if this is not your situation but it is only isolated cases and therefore considers that it is not serious then you can safely rely on my instructions and continue reading without problems.

That said, if you want to know more about what to do, I advise you not to delay and immediately start focusing on the content of my article. Put yourself therefore comfortable, take a little ‘time all for yourself and try to put into practice the tips that you find below. I anticipate immediately that you will not have to do anything too complicated or otherwise it is out of your reach. The steps to accomplish to succeed in the enterprise are quite simple. Good luck!


How to recall a private number – Whooming

The first service I want to advise you to try to get a private number is Whooming. If strangely I had never heard of it, you should know that it is a free online service also usable in the form of smartphone apps through which you can identify private numbers using the call forwarding technique. In a nutshell, at the time of receiving a phone call with the anonymous will simply hang up and it will be automatically diverted to the number of Whooming, which in turn will identify the caller.

How to recall a private number

The service is therefore extremely effective but not exactly immediate. In fact, it allows you to find out the numbers of those who call with the private only once 24 hours have elapsed since the phone call, before the numbers are partially obscured (which can still be useful to get a broad idea). To circumvent this limitation, you must pay, making a top-up of at least 5 euros. Always after recharging, you can unlock additional features such as call recording and the service that allows call recipients to contact calls without them noticing.

To use the service, connected to the official website of the same, click on the button Log in at the top right, then on the item Create a free account! and sign up for Whooming using your email address or your Facebook account.

When registration is complete, log in to your Whooming account, click on the Configure item that is at the top and click on the Add number button and then click on Continue. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering, in the appropriate fields on the screen, the nation of your manager, the name of your telephone operator and your telephone number. Then put the check mark next to the item I read and accept the terms of service and click on the button Continue.

How to recall a private number


Then choose whether to activate the diversion on busy (in order to send to Whooming only the calls that you refuse while the phone is ringing) or the total deviation (which automatically redirects all calls to Whooming by no longer ringing the phone). check next to the preferred option and call the number provided at the bottom.

To complete the entire procedure, click on the Continue button and verify your number by calling another number and rejecting the call. Also this, if everything goes as planned and no problems arise, you will have the opportunity to discover the senders of the calls made with the private you receive on your phone or home phone by connecting to the site of Whooming and clicking on the voice Calls present in the part in high of the same. Once you have made a note of the number, you can then call it back.

Instead to recharge and then access the paid features of the service, you must go to the Reload section of the site, select the desired cut and make payment.

As anticipated a few lines higher, being Whooming also available is a mobile device app – to be precise for Android and iOS – you can find out who owns a private number and therefore also call it directly from your smartphone. To do that, just download the app (through the links I have just provided or in any case by opening the reference app store, creating Whoming and pressing the button to download it), start it by pressing on its home screen icon and running login with your account (or the registration and configuration procedure, if you have not already done so, the steps to be completed are good or bad identical to those of the Web version of the service seen together in the previous lines).

How to recall a private number

Once this is done and after receiving anonymous calls, you will be able to view the Whooming phone call log by tapping the button with the three horizontal lines on the left, selecting the Calls from the menu that appears and checking that in the drop down menu Select your phone number to indicate it (otherwise you will have to select it). Then you should find the list of calls received and forward to Whooming at the bottom of the screen.

Even in the case of the mobile app, to unlock the paid features you just select the desired search cut and pay by accessing the Recharge section attached to the visible menu after tap on the button with the three horizontal lines on the application screen.

Note: In the case of mobile telephony, before using the service, I suggest you to make sure that you have at least 1 euro of credit remaining on your SIM. This is because the call forwarding configuration requires that the phone credit is not exhausted (even if the service is free).

How to recall a private number – WoozThat

Another service that you can rely on to call a private number is WoozThat. This is a solution similar to the already mentioned Whooming that allows you to find out who owns a given anonymous numbering and then offers the possibility of being able to recall using the call forwarding technique. The service is completely free and allows you to trace the number of calls instantly and completely. The only “new” is that it only works with mobile telephony and is usable exclusively through the appropriate app for Android and iOS.

You ask me how to use it? I’ll explain it to you right away. To start with download, install and launch the app on your device and then follow the short introductory tutorial that is proposed and enter your mobile number in the field on the screen. In a short time you will then receive a call from the service. On Android the call will be automatically re-connected, while on iOS you will have to reject it by pressing on the appropriate red button.

How to recall a private number

Now, if what you’re using is an Android smartphone, the configuration of WoozThat is practically finished and when you receive a call with the private number you just have to press the button Identify that you will see the display to attack the call and receive a notification to discover the real identity of who is calling you and therefore be able to call in turn.

If what you are using is an iPhone, to complete the configuration you must first copy and paste in the dialer (the numeric keypad) the code shown on the display and then you have to press the green key with the handset to start a call to the numbering in question in order to reset your call diversions.

Then open the application again, copy and paste in the dialer the other code that is shown to you and make a further call to the latter to also reset the call deviations when occupied on the WoozThat systems. Finally, return to the app screen and stop on OK.

When you then receive a call from a private number, you can find out who it belongs in such a way that you can then recall the numbering by simply tapping the button to hang up the call (the red one with the phone) that you will see appear on the display. Then you will receive a notification from the app and pressing on it you can get the much desired info.

Note: Even in the case of WoozThat, before using the service check that you have at least 1 euro of credit remaining on your SIM because the call forwarding configuration requires that the phone credit is not zero (although the service is free).

How to recall a private number – Override

You can also rely on Ovveride to find out who the anonymous phone calls are for and then to have the possibility to call a private number. It is a tool made available directly by the telephone operators that allows you to view “in clear” the phone number of the caller hiding, in fact, behind the words “Anonymous”, “Private number” etc. It has an efficiency equal to 100% but unfortunately it is paid: about 30 euros every 15 days.

If you are interested, you can request the activation of the service by sending a special form by registered A / R or fax to your telephone operator, taking care to attach your valid identity document and your tax code.

How to recall a private number – Useful services to know who a number belongs to

Trying to recall the numbering that you have obtained after using the services above you have not received any response and therefore you could not understand who owns the telephone number discovered? Then I can not help but advise you to use the additional ad hoc services that are listed below.

How to recall a private number

  • Truecaller (Web / Android / iOS / Windows Mobile) – This is a famous service that can also be used in the form of apps for smartphones that can count on a datasse of over 3 million numbers, among which there are those of so-called nuisances and numbers of users of the app who have accepted their inclusion in the service. It therefore allows you to search for a phone number and easily find its owner. On mobile devices it also signals who the reference number belongs to during the call.


  •  Sync.Me (Web / Android / iOS) – Another popular service that allows you to identify both fixed and mobile numbers with the advantage that the search is also carried out among the info on social networks.


  • Who’s calling? (Web / Android) – An online service with a rich database that allows you to find out who owns a given telephone number and which is going to prove useful for the detection of the annoyances. If used in the form of an app it also shows the caller ID and allows you to automatically block annoying phone calls.


  • White Pages – Do you really need an introduction? This is the digital transposition of the Blank White Page rankings. Allows you to know who are the fixed and mobile numbers of professionals and private citizens who have accepted the inclusion in telephone directories. It also allows reverse search.

For further details on these and other services, you can refer to my article on how to find the holder of the mobile number as well as my guide on how to identify a number through which, in fact, I provided a speaker with a wealth of details.

How to recall a private number