How to unprotect a PDF

How to unprotect a PDF

For hours now try and try again but … nothing to do! I’m sorry to say it, really, but it’s practically useless to keep trying to open and print the PDF document you saved on your desktop! You simply can not. Because? Well, the password you are asked for should prompt the answer. Who creates a PDF document can in fact associate a password to prevent, in fact, that it is opened or printed (in this case we speak of “user password”) or, again, that its content is somehow changed (in this second case we talk about “owner password”). To get around this, the relative secret word should be entered. Alternatively, it is possible to resort to the use of some specific tools able to eliminate these limitations.

Would you like to know more? Very well! So, let’s do this: take a few minutes of free time all for yourself, make yourself comfortable and read this tutorial entirely dedicated to me, rightly, how to unprotect a PDF. In the following lines I will in fact indicate some programs and services useful for the purpose that you can use on your computer to view, print and possibly even edit documents in PDF format on which you can not go to act precisely because of the presence of a password which, obviously, you did not set yourself.

How do you say? Not being very practical in terms of computer science and new technologies, do you think it could be an operation out of your reach? Come on, do not be a coward! Apart from the fact that, contrary to appearances, the thing is not complicated at all but then even if it was I do not see what you care if I’m here with you, ready and willing to provide all the information and support you need. So, let’s not waste any more time in chatter and let’s get to work immediately. Are you prone? Yes? Very well, let’s proceed! I wish you, as usual, good reading.

Warning: Removing protection from PDF documents that you are not authorized to view, print and / or modify may be a crime. I do not take any responsibility for the use you will make of the instructions in this tutorial.

How to Unprotect a PDF with user password

You need to print a PDF document but you can not because you need to enter the appropriate password protection and then look for a system that allows you to get around the thing? So from ‘one look at the ad hoc resources to unprotect PDF that you find reported below. I’m sure you’ll find them very useful!

How to unprotect a PDF – PDFKey Pro (Windows / Mac)

How to unprotect a PDF

The first tool to unprotect PDF files that I want to advise you to use is PDFKey Pro. This is a program available for both Windows and Mac that goes to create a copy of the reference document in such a way as to allow the print and copy without having to type in the password. It is in Italian and is very easy to use (you can do it all by drag and drop!) But, as the name implies, it is a commercial solution (for a fee). Fortunately, you can download a free trial version of the program in order to be able to evaluate its actual potential before proceeding with a possible purchase.

To download and use the free trial version of the software on your computer, connect to the Internet site of PDFKey Pro and click on the Download demo button. When the download is complete, open the executable file downloaded on your PC, click on Yes / Execute, then on OK to confirm the use of the Italian language and then on Next.

If what you are using is a Mac, open the .dmg file you just got and drag the program icon to the Applications folder through the window you see on the screen. Then go to the Applications folder, right-click on the PDFKey Pro icon and select Open from the menu that appears and then confirm your willingness to open the application going to circumvent the limitations imposed by Apple against unauthorized developers.

Once the window of the program is displayed on the desktop, select the button Try the demo and then drag, in the section Unprotect, the PDF file on which you intend to go to act. Alternatively, click on the File item at the top left, choose Unprotect… from the menu that appears and select “manually” the reference PDF.

Then wait a few moments for the selected file to be processed and you will find a copy of the same saved in the same location of the original document with the suffix _sprotected below. If you want, you can change the location for saving unlocked files, selecting the Tools menu, then the Preferences … item and setting what you prefer from the Destination Folder section of the files processed in the new window you see appear.

How to unprotect a PDF – Portable PDF Unlocker (Windows)

How to unprotect a PDF

The program above has not been able to satisfy you and prefer to turn to a totally free solution to unprotect your PDF? Then try Portable PDF Unlocker. It is a free software that allows you to remove passwords from PDFs quickly and easily. It is specific to Windows operating systems and, as easily understood by the name, does not require installations to work.

To download it to your PC, connected to the download page of the program and click on the Download Latest Version button. When the download is complete, extract the contents of the package in fratto .7z just obtained in any potion, start the executable file Portable PDF Unlocker.exe contained in it and click on Yes / Run.

Once the program window on the desktop is displayed, drag directly into the PDF file you want to unlock and wait a few moments for it to be processed.

When the progress bar is completely filled you will be returned an unlocked version of your file with the suffix unpw.pdf in its name. The saving will be carried out automatically in the same folder as the source file.

How to Unprotect a PDF with owner password

Do you need to unprotect a PDF file because you want to change its content? So the resources I have already reported to you are not suitable. They are instead those that you find indicated below. These services are available online from any web browser and operating system, without having to download anything on your computer. Try them and you’ll see that you will not regret it.

How to unprotect a PDF – PDFCandy (Online)

How to unprotect a PDF

The first tool I want to report is PDFCandy. As anticipated, this is an online service that provides users with various tools useful for converting and editing files in PDF format, including the one that, in fact, allows you to remove the password protection. It should also be noted that the use of the service is totally free and that no particular limits are imposed as regards the maximum file size and the number of documents that can be uploaded daily.

Do you wonder how to use it? I’ll explain it to you immediately. First of all, linked Web page of the tool offered by PDFCandy to unprotect PDFs and then drag the file saved on your computer on which you want to intervene directly on the right of the browser or click on the + Add file button to select it manually. If the PDF to be unblocked is on Google Drive or Dropbox, you can also upload it by simply clicking on its icons on the screen and then logging in to your account.

Once you have removed protection from the PDF, you will find yourself in front of a new Web page with a summary of the data relating to the unlocked file and with the button Download file through which you can download the PDF document without protection.

If you have not made any changes to the default settings of the Web browser you are using, the file will be saved in the Downloads folder on your computer. If you want, you can also make the PDF archived directly to your favorite cloud storage services by clicking on its icons on the screen.

How to unprotect a PDF – Smallpdf (Online)

How to unprotect a PDF

As an alternative to the above Web service, I suggest you try SmallPDF. Even in this case, it is a completely free resource and very simple to use that offers a variety of tools through which to intervene on PDF files. It is highly effective in going to unprotect PDFs but unfortunately has some limitations: it does not allow processing more than two documents per hour and is allowed to upload files over a maximum weight of 50 MB. To get around these limits, you need to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription.

To use the service, connected to the web page dedicated to the tool to unprotect PDF files and then click on the Choose File link and select the document on your computer on which you want to go to act. Alternatively, drag it directly into the browser window next to the message Drag the PDF here. If your file is on Dropbox or on Google Drive, you can select it directly by clicking on the relevant buttons and logging in to your account.

Once the file has been uploaded, check the box next to the entry I swear that I am authorized to modify this file and remove its protections and then click on the button Unlock PDF! that is at the bottom.

Once the procedure is complete, click the Download File button to download the file without protection directly to your computer (in the Download folder, if you have not made changes to the settings of the Web browser) or presses the buttons with the icons of Dropbox and Googl Drive to save all in the cloud.

If you want, you can intervene on the file you just unlocked also directly from the Web browser and always using Smallpdf. To do that, just click on the conversion and change buttons that you always find on the download page of the document just unprotected.

How to unprotect a PDF – App to unprotect PDF

How to unprotect a PDF

Do you usually act as a smartphone and tablet and would you be interested in understanding how to unprotect your PDF files directly from mobile? Then take a look at the specific apps listed below. They are all rather simple to use. Some are free, others for a fee. Choose the one that you think may interest you the most and download it right away on your device. Good download!

  • PDF Tools – Merge, Rotate, Watermark, Split (Android) – Free to download app that integrates a whole set of tools for editing and creating files in PDF format. Among the various functions offered, it also integrates a useful one for the purpose in question.
  • Useful PDF (Android) – Another app belonging to the category in question that allows you to intervene on PDF files by removing the write protection. It also allows you to perform several other operations such as reordering PDF pages, removing them, extracting images from documents, etc. Free.
  • PDF Tools (iOS) – Application for iOS devices that allows you to split and merge PDF files, convert PDFs to text files, and perform several other useful operations on the type of documents in question, including the removal of passwords. It costs 2.29 euros.
  • PDF Password (iOS) – As the name implies, this application does only one thing but does it well: it removes the password applied to PDF documents. It is also very easy to use and has a nice interface. It costs 3.49 euros.

How to unprotect a PDF