How Wattpad works

How Wattpad work

You have a passion for writing and would one day be able to crown your dream of becoming a writer. In the meantime, cultivate your passion by writing stories in the form of short stories, in the hope that some successful publishers will notice you. Precisely for this reason, some of your tech-savvy friends and the Internet world have advised you to publish the stories you write about Wattpad, a rather popular online writing platform that can become a springboard for success.

How do you say? The question is of your absolute interest and would you like to know more in detail what is it and how Wattpad work? Well, then let me tell you, it’s a real good luck that you’ve just come to this guide of mine. I am quite informed about the operation of this platform and can help you resolve any doubts or concerns about it.

If you want to find out step by step how to use this website, then I suggest you take a few minutes of free time to devote to the careful reading of my tutorial. I’m going to explain in detail how you can use Wattpad to write and publish your novels online. Are you ready to start? Yup? Very well! I wish you a good read.

How Wattpad work – What is Wattpad and how it works

How Wattpad work

Before explaining in detail the operation of Wattpad it is necessary to make a brief introduction. Wattpad is an online platform designed for lovers of writing and reading that aims to meet readers and writers.

Wattpad is accessible via a website and therefore accessible from any computer or Mac browser, but you can use it to read books and publish your stories via the free app for Android and iOS. Web site and applications offer a completely free service, cataloging stories, novels or fanfiction of writers from all over the world.

From the point of view of writers Wattpad deals with protecting the authorship of a work, allowing the writer to be able to choose to protect his story with different copyright options. The originality given by Wattpad, which represents its added value, is given by its functionality in a social network style. Stories can be commented and there are different possibilities for interaction between users.

Now that we have clarified in general what are the cornerstone elements of this online platform, we can move on to what is the core of the issue, which is the practical operation for using Wattpad. I’ll talk about it in detail in the following lines.

How Wattpad works on PC and Mac

How Wattpad work

As I anticipated, to start using Wattpad you can choose to go to your website from any Windows desktop PC and Mac browser. To do so, first open the navigation program that you usually use to visit the websites and type, in the address bar then press the Enter key to confirm your willingness to go to the official website of the platform.

At this point, once you see the home page of the website in question, you will need to proceed by registering for free, which is essential to read and publish stories and stories. Registration is mandatory and, to carry it out, you can proceed by creating an account through the link with Facebook or Google. Alternatively, if you want to use a different email you can proceed to create an account indicating a different email address.

The choice is up to you, so press the Facebook or Google button depending on whether you want to register via the Mark Zuckerberg social network profile or if you want to connect to the site via the Google services email. If none of these choices is right for you, complete the registration indicating all the required data in the appropriate fields of text: User Name, E-mail and Password and then press the button Start reading.

Once the registration is completed you will be asked to follow some popular authors; you can do this by pressing the Following button you will see in correspondence with the stories that will be suggested to you. Following users, the stories they publish will be displayed in your news feed, which is the main Wattpad screen.

How Wattpad work

After following some users, you must dedicate yourself to customizing your profile on Wattpad and to do so click on your username located in the bar at the top. From the drop-down menu that will open, then tap on My profile to access the section dedicated to personalizing your account.

On the following screen, then tap on the Edit profile entry; You can then upload an image that represents you and write some personal information about you by filling out the entries Location, Information and my website. Once you have finished editing, press the Save Changes button to update your profile. Do not forget to add a description that represents you: you can also do it directly from the screen of your profile, by pressing on the item Add a description.

Using Wattpad from website you can see how this is mainly characterized by three main sections: Discover, Create and Community, menu items in the bar at the top of the platform. I would like to draw your attention to these menu items from the moment they are critical to using Wattpad.

How Wattpad work

Explaining individually the various menu items mentioned above, I suggest you first click on the item Discover; you can see a drop-down menu appear and you can browse the list of the stories on Wattpad based on the genre of your interest: fantasy, science fiction, humor, vampires … etc. etc.

By clicking on a category you will be able to view all the stories and novels related to the genre of your choice, appropriately divided by hashtags, but also stories in the sub-categories Sensational, Foreground, Uphill, New.

To start reading a story, click on its title and then press the Read button. Usually, the Wattpad stories are divided into several chapters, therefore, after reading the first chapter, you will have to press the Continue reading the next part.

During the reading of a story you can leave comments or annotations for the writer; To do this, simply press the (+) button that you can see located next to the text. At the end of the reading you can also comment by publishing your impressions on the story: write what you want in the text field Leave a comment and then press the Publish button.

How Wattpad work

The Create menu item is essential if you want to start writing and posting your story. In fact, you will come back to the My Works section and you will have to tap the + New Story button to start writing your story. In order to publish the story on Wattpad you will first have to enter some details and then fill in the entries Title, Description, Tags, Literary genre, Language, Copyright and Classification. Once you have added the cover image, press the Next button.

You will thus find yourself finally in the presence of the Wattpad editor and you can begin the actual drafting of the story; to publish it, press the Publish button. Your story will be published in Wattpad’s online library and other people will be able to read and comment on it, following your profile.

Finally, keep in mind that another way to actively use Wattpad is to participate in competitions called by the platform. You can do this by pressing the Community menu item and pressing the Write competitions menu item.

How Wattpad works on Android and iOS

How Wattpad work

As I explained to you, the Wattpad online reading platform is also available for free use for Android and iOS.

To start using Wattpad on your smartphone or tablet you must first download the application from the default store of your device (iOS App Store or Android PlayStore).

Then look for the Wattpad application through the internal search engine of the virtual store and then press the button Get / Install from iOS device, or the button Install / Accept, if you are downloading the application on your smartphone or Android tablet.

In both cases, once you have completed the download and installation of the app on your device, press the Open button or tap the icon of the app that has been added to the Home screen to start it.

The operation of Wattpad on Android and iOS is quite similar to that of the platform accessible online; To use this tool dedicated to writing enthusiasts on mobile devices, you must first register or log in.

Proceed to this procedure by registering or logging in with Facebook (Register button via Facebook / Log in via Facebook) or manually entering your email address and password and pressing the Login or Subscribe button.

The Wattpad user interface on Android and iOS devices is simple and straightforward; the main sections described above are visible by tapping on the icons in the bar at the bottom of the application.

How Wattpad work

Specifically, the symbol of the house is the Wattpad home page, through which you can view a bulletin board where all the updates of the authors will appear. By tapping on the button with the symbol of books, however, you will have access to the Library section, which includes a list of all the stories that you are about to read.

If this is your first time using Wattpad and you have chosen to register from a mobile device, remember to customize your profile by tapping the button with the symbol of a little man; you can customize your account in much the same way you can do from the platform’s website.

To write a new story, add new chapters or edit the existing one, click on the button with a pencil symbol, you can write a story and edit the works you wrote previously.

How Wattpad work