Live webcam

Live webcam

Wow, what traffic in New York! Much quieter in Hawaii, where there is an enchanting sea … although not as much as that of Sicily. How do you say? No, I have not just come back from an intercontinental trip, I’m just having fun with IP cams, webcams all over the world accessible and controllable from any computer connected to the Internet. Would you like to take a peek too? Well, do it! Do not you need to be a hacker to do it? If you are interested in it and would like to know more about it, read my article entirely focused on live webcams and you will see that you will not regret it.

Believe it or not, out there are thousands of webcams that “overlook” the world and that are waiting for nothing but be watched and controlled remotely. Just visit specific Internet sites or, alternatively, download specific apps for smartphones and tablets, select the reference webcam and … wait for the connection to be established, all in real time, whatever the recess of the chosen globe. The vision is then completely free and, except in special cases, live 24/7 on 24 and 7 days out of 7. In short, if you have a few minutes of free time, if you like to travel (both really and with your mind) and if you are looking a pastime different from the usual I would say that you have happened on the right tutorial.

Then? What would you say to put the talk aside and finally get to the heart of the matter? Yes? Great. Positioned so comfortable in front of your trusted computer, or grabs the smartphone or tablet, locate, reading what follows, the live webcam service that you think may do most for you and immediately connected to the area that you prefer. Happy reading and … have fun!

Live webcam – EarthCam

The first resource I suggest you try to find a list of live webcams from around the world is EarthCam. It is one of the most popular and used Internet sites for the purpose in question. It offers the possibility to view in every moment and in high definition places like Times Square in New York, Venice Beach in Los Angeles, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Amsterdam and many other places in the world. Using the website is very simple, no registration is required and works with any web browser without requiring the installation of special plugins.

To use it, proceed to connect to the Internet site of EarhCam then scroll down the page displayed, locate the webcam of your interest among the many available and click on the preview image. If you are more interested in viewing a specific location live, you can perform a direct search using the appropriate bar at the top right of the site, typing in the keyword and then clicking on the Search button.

Live webcam

Another system that you can use to select and view the various webcams around the world is to scroll through the home page of the service to the end, to click on the planisphere that is under the heading Webcams of the World and to select, from the map of whole globe that will be shown to you, the webcam of your interest.

Once you have visualized the page relative to the selected webcam, you can immediately start to “peek” live the relative location through the player that will be opened. If you want, you can use the appropriate buttons attached to the same to enable full-screen viewing, turn off or turn on the sound and adjust the volume, increasing or decreasing. You can also adjust the zoom level, move right and left, up and down and take a picture.

Live webcam

In the lower part of the page you can find some interesting info referring to the area observed with the attached map and a series of shots related to the same made in the hours and days before.

Live webcam – Fisgonia

Another website that you can use to watch live webcams is Fisgonia. It is a portal that includes a map based on Google Maps with all the webcams in the world. Even in this case, it is a very easy to use and working resource from any browser without having to install anything on the PC.

To use it, connect to the Fisgonia website and start exploring the on-screen map. Once you find the area you are interested in, click on the colored icon showing the camera for the location you want to view live and then press on the preview you see appearing in the comic book that opens.

Live webcam

If doing so you can not find a webcam that interests you, you can filter those on the map using the appropriate items that you find in the menu on the left or you can make a direct search by filling the field that is at the top with the name of the reference location and pressing then on the search button … on the right.

This will open a page dedicated to the webcam selected with information on the chosen location, a satellite view of the same, the detailed map and the category of reference.

Live webcam

To start live viewing, click on the Open webcam button located at the center or on the preview image located at the top left and you will find yourself in front of the relative player (with attached commands) with live images.

Live webcam – Webviewcams

Internet sites to access live webcams that I have already talked about have not convinced you in a particular way and are you looking for an alternative? Then try to take a look on Webviewcams and you’ll see that you will not regret it. It is a portal that allows you to view live images from public webcams of any part of the world through a very simple and intuitive search system. The webcams are also reported on the map and are divided by content as well as for what they frame. In addition, it works from any web browser.

Do you wonder how to use it? I’ll explain it to you right away. First of all connected to the home page of Webviewcams then scroll down the list of the various webcams available and click on the preview image of the one that interests you.

Live webcam

In addition to what I have just mentioned, you can search for webcams by first selecting the reference continent from the top left of the home page and then the relevant country by clicking on the links above or you can perform a search by keyword, typing inside the appropriate field in the upper right corner and then pressing on the Search button on the side.

Once the page relating to the chosen webcam is displayed, the live view will be started using the appropriate player. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can control the size, the zoom level and the type of framing using the adjustment bars on the screen and the menus at the bottom left.

Live webcam

Then I’ll point out, if you’re interested, that in the lower part of the page you will find some details about the location taken from the webcam and the hardware used as well as an archive of images taken from it in the hours and days before.

Live webcam – SkylineWebcams

In my opinion you should do a “capatina” on SkylineWebcams too. This is another portal belonging to the category in question that allows you to watch live streaming of some of the most important Italian locations and not in high quality, all thanks to the various public webcams located around the world. It’s free but to be able to watch direct you need to install the Flash Player plugin on your computer (for more details about it, you can refer to my dedicated tutorial) or you have to use a Web browser that enlargement “standard” (eg Chrome ).

To serve you, connected to the main page of the site and then scori the list of the various webcams available and click on the preview of the one that interests you most. You can also browse the webcams by category or access the list of the most clicked by pressing the appropriate links in the part at the top of the page. On the right, however, you will find links to view recently added webcams and those near your area.

Live webcam

In the page that will then open after selecting the webcam you can start watching the location chosen live via the appropriate player in the middle of the screen. Passing on the cursor you can also use the controls to adjust the volume and to enable full-screen viewing.

Live webcam

If you want, you can also view the weather forecast of the chosen area, a time-lapse video of the same made with the filmai recorded in the last hours and a map of the area by clicking, respectively, on the weather, time-laps and localize items that are at the top .

Live webcam – Look for more live webcams

In addition to the above portals, there are also many other sites that broadcast live, via webcam, what happens in the world. To find them all, you can take advantage of the good Google, by typing specific search terms.

To be more precise, what you need to do on the big G home page, type in the search bar at the inurl :/view.shtml or intitle:”Live View / – AXIS” inurl:view/view.shtml ^ and crush the Search key with Google below or the Enter key on the computer keyboard.

Live webcam

Once this is done, you will find yourself in front of the search results page with links to all live web-based webcams with the web interface scattered around the globe along with the URLs of the access sites that have been indexed. Clearly, all the webcams found in this way are public. Nothing that breaks the law or violates the privacy of users in fact.

Live webcam – App for live webcam

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, as well as from the computer you can peek as transmitted by the various webcams placed here and there around the globe even from mobile. Just download some special apps and you’re done. Yeah but … what are these applications? Well, for example, the ones I have indicated below, available for both Android and iOS.

Live webcam

So download on your device those that intrigue you most and connected to the webcams that attract you most among the many on the list. Good download and … have fun!

  • EarthCam (Android / iOS) – It is the app of the Internet site that I have reported in the previous lines to watch live streaming what is taken from webcams around the world. It has the same functionality of the portal with the advantage of being able to do everything directly and conveniently from the smartphone or from the tablet. Free.


  • Webcam World View (Android / iOS) – Another app belonging to the category that offers live images and HD footage from many public webcams around the world between mountains, beaches, waterfalls, cities and so on and so forth. You download for free.


  • Earth Online (Android) – Application for Android to watch live, from the screen of the phone or tablet, everything that is taken from public webcams around the globe. It is very simple to use and allows you to create a list of favorites. Free.


  • LandWebcams (iOS) – App that shows directly on the map the various webcams to which you can connect to view live what happens everywhere on Earth. Free.

Live webcam