The husband is sterile, she becomes pregnant. In New York they shout at the “miracle of St. Anthony”

NEW YORK – There is not only the healing, also inexplicable according to the doctors, Kairyn. There could be another miracle of miracle, just a short time away from what had the baby girl as protagonist. In fact, in the big apple, a couple showed up with their case, complete with medical documentation attached, with a conclusion that has the prodigy. In practice, the husband, in the light of the reports that ascertained his absolute impossibility to procreate, has relied on the Taumaturgo: the spouses had a baby. Giovanni called him.

The story began in January of last year, when the man, as he himself told Father Enzo Poiana, went to visit because his wife could not get pregnant. The woman herself had undergone many tests, but it had always turned out that she had no problems. The reason for infertility, on the other hand, has clearly emerged from the consort’s reports: absolute sterility, without any possibility, not even the most remote, to procreate.

The two, at this point, have thought of adoption, deciding, however, to first make a path of consolidation of the couple: they were believers, but did not frequent the churches much. And so they started going to the Basilica del Santo. One day the man decided to confess to Father Francesco Ruffato. Husband and wife followed her suggestions and received the blessing together with the other sterile couples and asked for the grace of being able to become parents.

In the following days they went to Rome with the intention of seeing Pope Francis as well. When they returned, in the mailbox they found the messenger’s agenda and an image of Antonio, which they put in a drawer. A few days later the woman found out she was pregnant. “They did not believe it,” says Father Poiana. “The pregnancy test has seen them very happy. They immediately had the certainty that it was Sant’Antonio who sent him the child and that later, to make it clear that his intercession had been his, and not of the Holy Father, he had had his holy card in his mailbox … A few weeks ago Giovanni was born and now they will come to the Basilica with that little boy who has waited so long and now no longer hoped to have “.

Introducing the custom of celebrating a Mass for sterile couples, and for those who are already expecting a baby, it was Father Poiana, shortly after his inauguration.

“With so many spouses coming hopefully from all over Italy, it is always a very moving moment – he notes -. As it was Sunday for the baptism of Kayrin, in front of a thousand people who applauded this beautiful girl healed by a malformation and born healthy thanks to St. Anthony. “